Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Monday, July 19, 2010



The WSU Staff Council met for a special meeting on Monday, July 19, 2010 at 9:00 am, in Room 267 University Hall.


Present: Council Members: Rob Boley, David Bringhurst, George Collins, Mary Healea, Joanie Hendricks, Fran Keeley, Liane  Muhlenkamp, Jacqueline Neal, Curt Pederson, Vickie Slone, and Rebecca Traxler.

Convener:  Albert Bondurant

Guests:  Allan Boggs, Henry Limouze, Keith Ralston, and Robert Sweeney


1.   Welcome Henry Limouze

Albert Bondurant introduced Henry Limouze, the new Associate Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs, who will be attending Staff Council meetings.  He replaced Bill Rickert, who retired in June.  Staff Council members introduced themselves to Dr. Limouze.  

2.   BSOM Budget/Raises


Jacqui Neal distributed a list of questions (attached) about Boonshoft School of Medicine (BSOM) and how their staff did not receive a salary increase on

July 1, 2010, when other staff members did. 


Keith Ralston, Associate Vice President for Budget Planning and Resource Analysis, explained that salaries of BSOM staff are not funded out of the general pool.  They are considered separate accounting entities, not separate funding.  BSOM is its own company, and has its own state share of instructional funds that go directly to BSOM.  They receive their own funding lines.  Staff members were not informed of this separation earlier.  Henry Limouze added that when the School of Medicine was built, Dr. Kegerreis, WSU President at the time, made it clear that BSOM funds were separate.  Council members felt this was important for all staff, specifically new hires, to be aware of.

Discussion ranged widely.  Questions and answers included: 

Allan pointed out that if a BSoM staff member’s position is abolished, he or she would have the right to request placement in a similar position elsewhere.  That is not the situation here.




On July 28, Allan Boggs sent an email in which he stated, “There are 274 staff employees in the BSoM, 66 of which are in classified positions.”

3.   Human Resources Rep Positions


Vickie brought up that the four rep positions in HR have been promoted, with the lowest paid rep’s salary raised to the minimum and the other three reps’ salaries also raised, all retroactive to April 1, 2010.  Allan said these jobs have been evolving and are more into A-21s, labor distribution, etc.  They have been given an equity adjustment to their pay.  Vickie pointed out that other classified staff have not been afforded the equity adjustment, particularly when the base salary has been raised for a job series.


Vickie said it seems HR positions can be changed when others cannot be.  Allan is looking into it and will get back to Staff Council.  Vickie said there should be an actual step for HR positions to be approved outside of HR, possibly the Controller’s Office. 


Job audits still go through Carlotta Johnson, Compensation Analyst, and are reviewed by Sharon Shaw, Compensation Manager.  If a job audit takes a long time, the raise is retroactive.  Albert commented that he had met with Allan and Tamara Jones about this issue and was waiting for additional information from HR that Allan and Tamara said would be provided to verify HR’s claims.  Vickie asked how many job audits have been approved in the last five years.  Rebecca said the number of job audits, either approved or not, should be tracked.



The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 am.  The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be held on Wednesday, September 22,  2010.


Questions for discussion: Staff Council Mtg, July 19th 

1.   How separate is compensation for unclassified staff in auxiliary units? For example, during times of fiscal strength, are employees in these units compensated outside of university approved staff raises?  

2.   When was it first suspected SOM staff would not receive pay increases this year?  

3.   Is there a reason Staff Council was not involved? We would have been open to discussing approaching non-SOM staff to see if there were alternatives to help out so all staff could receive an increase.  

4.   Why was there no mention of staff compensation differences in the annual budget presentation to the Board of Trustees and all university employees?  

5.   Should there have been a caveat to the May 17th announcement about raises? It implied raises were in line for all staff.  If it's always been understood the SOM is separate, the distinction did not seem to be clear regarding raises. 

6.   How can we better understand this situation to add to our knowledge of the equitable treatment of all staff?  

7.   Is there a plan to communicate to ALL unclassified staff that some units did not receive raises this year?