Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The WSU Staff Council met on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 3:00 pm, in Room 267 University Hall.

Present:   Council Members: Kary Brigger, David Bringhurst, George Collins, Mary Healea, Joanie Hendricks,

Fran Keeley, Liane  Muhlenkamp, Jacqueline Neal, Curt Pederson, Vickie Slone, and Rebecca Traxler

Convener:  Albert Bondurant

Guest:        Bill Rickert 


1.  We Serve U

Joanie Hendricks said that Henry Limouze was asked by Provost Angle to form a committee to work on the We Serve U proposal.  The committee should have something for Cabinet and the Council of Deans by late Spring 2011.

2.  Wellness Initiative

Bill Rickert said that Hewitt continues to collect information about Wright State employees, which will lead to a specific proposal for a wellness program tailored to the needs and characteristics of our employees.  Bill was asked for a time frame on this program.  He said it may be a long process—a year or so.

3.  Staff Development Day (SDD)

The next Staff Development Day is scheduled for Tuesday, November 30, 2010.  The focus will be on service.

4.  Is there Uncertified Leave for non-bargaining unit staff?

Curt Pedersen said that Henry Limouze will check into this item and let Staff Council know.

5.  Post-General Election

Bill Rickert said that Governor-elect John Kasich (R) plans to focus on job growth in Ohio, which should include a significant role for higher education.  We know that the state of Ohio faces enormous budget challenges in the coming months and years, and do not know what that will mean for Wright State.

In addition to other possible consequences from the state’s budget difficulties, WSU will lose the $14M of federal stimulus money that is in the current budget.  Matt Filipic, Senior Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs, and his staff are working on ways to respond to these challenges.

News reports that the state may cut back on employees does not directly affect the university, since WSU staff and faculty are not state, but university employees.

Proposed changes to the Ohio retirement systems are still pending.  The fiscal concerns OPERS and STRS have about funding their obligations and continuing their health care coverage for retirees do not affect the university’s budget, however.

6.  Training  for New Staff 

Vickie Slone said there doesn’t seem to be any training for newly hired staff members.  Currently, internal staff within their respective departments, schools and organizations are training the new employees.

Albert Bondurant said www.ed2go.com – an on-line learning tool available to WSU employees interested in on-line programs is one generic option.  Vickie said that specific training is needed for general university procedures, Banner, computer software, etc.  There was general consensus that this was an issue that deserved attention.  Albert said to send him a list of needed training for new staff, and he would look into it. 

7.  Organization of a ‘Budget 101’ Seminar (or two) for Staff

Jacqui Neal asked about a possible seminar, one in January and then one in the spring, for staff to learn what is going on with WSU’s budget.  There is a lot of speculation and anxiety  on campus about the budget, and more information may help this.

Bill said it is unlikely we will receive much new information from the state before spring.  Budget cuts will be suggested, so ‘Budget Updates’ might be a more accurate title for seminars than ‘Budget 101.’   CSAC and USAC reps will contact Dr Filipic about this issue, which  will be on Staff Council’s next agenda.

8.  Performance Management Process/Annual Appraisal/Evaluation

Henry Limouze and Albert Bondurant met with Provost Angle this week and one topic was the use of a ‘universal’ appraisal form for all staff annual reviews.

Jacqui Neal said that many staff members are not being reviewed annually.  More emphasis should be put on supervisors completing annual reviews for their staff.  Albert Bondurant said that the completion of an Annual Performance Evaluation is not mandatory across the university.  He said Meltem Kokaly, Employment Manager in Human Resources, collects the completed performance evaluations for staff and, typically, only a small percentage of evaluations are actually submitted to HR, in relation to the total number of staff at WSU.  Albert further stated that until there is a universal form – used by all evaluators – there will be inconsistency in how staff are appraised, and, until the university makes the completion of an Annual Performance Appraisal mandatory for all supervisors with staff, there will be inconsistency in the process.

David Bringhurst said that the performance management process is tied to the leadership role that supervisors have.  The message needs to get out to managers and supervisors.  Curt Pedersen suggested that staff could write their own review and ask their supervisor to sign it.

Bill said that all faculty are required to receive an annual review.

Albert said there should be a ‘universal’ form for supervisors to fill out, with training on how to conduct a performance evaluation as well as the overall Performance Management process.  Albert said OD and Learning is working on making this a reality.  All staff should have an annual evaluation based on agreed upon expectations, set core competencies and how their job fits into the Strategic Plan, with flexibility to add unique things pertaining to each job.

David said that Staff Council should make a formal request to make this a priority.

Vickie Slone added that there is no tie between performance reviews and pay increases.  Albert said that many organizations don’t connect pay with performance.  He recommended that we get annual performance reviews on-board first. 

David would like to include ties between performance and pay now, since efficient and inefficient workers are being given the same increases.  Bill said this is complex, since you can’t give someone more money, without giving someone else less.  He thinks we should get the system established first, then tie performance to pay later.


Jacqui  Neal asked if part-time staff are eligible for fee waivers.  Since this is an item for the Staff Council Human Resources Committee, Joanie Hendricks offered to put it on their next agenda.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm.  The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be held on Wednesday, January 12, 2011, at 2:30-4:00 pm, in Room 267 UH.