Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, November 9, 2005



Present: Council Members: Linda Dunbar, Diane Hamilton, Joyce Howes, Jennifer Rice, Evelyn Roberts, Marianne Shreck, Tami Smith, and Daisy Stieger


Others: Bill Rickert, Buddy Berry , Amanda Steele, Linda Sykes, and Jeff Ulliman


The WSU Staff Council met on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 , at 2:00 p.m. , in Room 267 University Hall.


1.    Updates


Responding to questions from the November 9 meeting, Bill Rickert distributed a sheet, “Response to WSU Staff Council Questions Regarding Classified Staff Pay.”  It stated that the number of classified employees that are “capped” and received all or part of the annual increase in a lump sum is 10 (9 in Grade 3, and 1 in Grade 5). It also stated that since the implementation of the current classification system developed by Buck Consultants, an average of 8% of classified staff are at or below 25% midpoint of the salary ranges.


2.    Introductions


Bill Rickert introduced the guests to the Council members, who then introduced themselves. Guests attending the meeting to discuss their part of Banner were Buddy Berry, Assistant Director of Employee Relations and Information Systems from Human Resources; Amanda Steele, Assistant Registrar; Linda Sykes, Payroll Manager; and Jeff Ulliman, University Controller.


3.    Banner


A.  Finance Section – Jeff Ulliman


The Finance part of Banner went online July 1, 2005 . Jeff said he would discuss mostly the Self Service Module in Wings Express. He had asked CaTS to add more functionality to Banner for users, so they added extensions to help users create documents, approve documents, and do budget queries including a transaction detail report that can be accessed. He also said there would be a FAQ website soon, and they are working on improvements and enhancements to the system. Overall, the budget segment is going well.


Council members said they need more training sessions and more communication about the training offered. The training should also include examples of forms such as DPOs, Petty Cash, Travel, etc. Jeff said to call the Help Desk to ask them to schedule more training sessions about certain topics in Banner.


Jeff said that to be able to do budget queries, you need to get access through your budget manager first. Also, balances on grant accounts could be inaccurate, so check with Marianne Schreck in RSP. There will be grants training later.


B.  Human Resources Section – Buddy Berry


The Human Resources part of Banner is due to go online in January 2006. Buddy said that everyone will have access to HR Payroll Self Service. This will include the filling out and approval of staff and student timecards, checking pay advices, entering leave records, and checking leave balances, which will be current instead of a month behind as in the past. Employees will be able to designate, per pay period, whether they want comp time or overtime pay for the extra hours they work. There will be more training about Banner through the Web Self-Service Application Team (WSAT).


Banner will permit more efficient processing of new employees. Hiring will flow to approval process and into the HR system. HR will have more control of information on the employees they deal with, including student employees. The system will also track retention points and FMLA for employees. There will also be effective centralized tracking of retirees.


C.  Payroll Section – Linda Sykes


Linda said that the direct deposit through Banner is working well. Employees will be able to view their pay advice, leave balances, and direct deposits in Banner. The online time sheets must be initiated by the employee and then will go to the correct approver or to a proxy if the supervisor is not available. The supervisor/approver can reject the time sheet, and it will go back to the employee for corrections. All time sheets will have to be approved by noon on the Monday following the end of each pay period. Questions and concerns can be addressed by emailing Linda Sykes. Self-service training sessions will be announced online, and more sessions can be requested through CaTS.


D.  Registrar Section – Amanda Steele


The admissions part of Banner is already live. The financial aid part will go live on January 16, 2006 . The registration part will go live in April. Academic history will be converted during Summer and Fall 2006 to allow prerequisite checking for Winter 2007. Amanda said they had a mock registration in Banner, and it went very well.


The Web Self-Service Application Team (WSAT) has been showing the colleges what to expect and the differences from SIS. Tammy Bash, Assistant Registrar, is the one to send any feedback to about the self-service module for faculty and students.


Students admitted for Summer and Fall Quarter 2006 will be entered in Banner and will not be found in SIS. Employees will need access to view the admissions information in Banner.


4.    Agenda for January 11, 2006 Meeting


The topic for the January 11 meeting will be Compensation and Leave Time. Bill Rickert asked that CSAC and USAC members make suggestions about the calculations for the classified and unclassified merit pay increases for 2006.


5.  Concerns

A.   Members said there was a fear among the staff about downgrades, because of the 80 employees that were changed from unclassified to unclassified hourly.

B.  They were also concerned that the staff was not informed about the armed robbery that took place on campus on November 4, 2005 .


The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m. 



The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be held on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 , at 2:30-4:00 pm , in Room 267 University Hall.