Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Thursday, November 16, 2006



The WSU Staff Council met on Thursday, November 16, 2006, at 10:00 am, in Room 267 University Hall.


Present:  Council Members:  Mendy Beverly, Linda Dunbar, Diane Hamilton, Barb Bullock, Fran Keeley, Greg Kojola, John Sheidler, and Tami Smith


Others:  Bill Rickert


1.  Manager’s Guide to Unclassified Compensation Administration

Bill Rickert distributed copies of the WSU Manager’s Guide to Unclassified Compensation Administration Draft, revised November 1, 2006.  He called particular attention to the explanation of salary bands and compensation ranges on Page 6 of the Guide.  He also referred the Council to the Public Accountability Rule for Partial Day Absences on Page 13.   

2.  Parental Leave for Staff


Bill Rickert distributed copies of the Classified and Unclassified Staff Paid Parental Leave Policy.  Discussion included issues of possible gender bias, hiring, and comparisons to the parenting accommodations approved for the faculty.


The Council agreed unanimously to recommend enacting the Staff Parental Leave Policy, noting that application for parental leave should be required to include proof of the birth or adoption.


Bill will take the policy to the Provost, to the Council of Deans, and to the Cabinet for approvals.

3.  Parking

In 1999 the university added gated lots for parking and changes to student, staff, and faculty parking.  Since that time until Fall Quarter 2006, there were not many complaints about parking.  However, in the first two weeks of Fall Quarter 2006, there were increased complaints from students due to construction going on.  The loss of 40 faculty and staff spaces also created many problems.  The faculty union claimed that removal of employee spaces was a violation of the collective bargaining agreement.  They want to add spaces including some for faculty only.  To do this, they would have to take spaces from staff and/or students, or build new lots on campus.


The university used to have separate faculty and staff spaces, so faculty-only spaces are feasible.  The Council strongly opposed having separate spaces for faculty and for staff.  It would create an even bigger class distinction between them, which the Council  considers a major problem.  In staff forums with the Provost candidates, it was said that the staff want a more united community to make the university a better place to work.  Other differences are that staff do not have the option of flexing hours like faculty do.  Whatever the parking solution, the Council feels it should be the same for staff and faculty.




The Council decided to continue the discussion at the January 10, 2007 meeting about time off for meetings, staff development, committees, and workshops, etc.  The Capital Planning topic with Vicky Davidson about current and future building projects on campus will be moved to the March 14 Council meeting.



The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.


The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be held on Wednesday, January 10, 2007, at 2:30 pm, in Room 267 University Hall.