Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, March 8, 2006



Present: Council Members: Mendy Beverly, Diane Hamilton, Joyce Howes, Jennifer Rice, Evelyn Roberts, Tami Smith, and Daisy Stieger


Others: Bill Rickert, Allan Boggs


The WSU Staff Council met on Wednesday, March 8, 2006 , at 2:30 p.m. , in Room 267 University Hall.


1.    Staff Development Day


It was approved that the next Staff Development Day will be on June 19, 2006 . The committee is to meet. They want a motivating speaker, possibly Cea Cohen. They also need topic suggestions. Some suggestions can be found in the participant feedback from the last staff development day in December 2005. It was added that the food service at the last one was good.


2.    Salary Increases for Classified Staff


Bill Rickert said that for 2006, the classified staff will receive a percentage for merit increase plus a percentage for across-the-board. Al Boggs said it would likely be about 60% merit and 40% across-the-board. The administration would like to move toward more merit-based salary increases in the future.


It was asked if the unclassified staff would get the same increase as the classified, and Bill said that will probably be the case.


In response to a question from the last meeting - among the classified staff, how many are at or below the midpoint of the salary ranges? - Al distributed a handout showing that an average of 69.76% are below the midpoint of each salary range, and 30.24% are above the midpoint. The average salary was 93% of the midpoint. It also showed that long-term employees are well above the midpoint, more so than newer employees are below the midpoint.


With better information technology tools being used, the university and Human Resources are able to incorporate more analysis and strategy in setting compensation.


The 5% rule for promotion increases will be addressed soon, and any input would be appreciated.  

3.   Unclassified Compensation


Unclassified compensation is in a very fluid state; the university is building procedures that have integrity and are also flexible to changes. Bill asked for input from the Staff Council.


There will be new titles for the unclassified staff and new, broader salary bands for more raise potential. How can you move to another title or band?


  Changes to your job can sometimes change your title or salary band;

  unclassified employees can appeal their classifications now or in the future; and

  employees can look for other jobs with higher pay potential.


Salary ranges will be moved up periodically to keep up with the market and to attract good employees. People shouldn't think of the top of their range as being necessarily reachable.


A new training person will be hired in Human Resources. That person along with Sharon Shaw, Compensation Analyst in Human Resources, will be training employees about changes in the compensation process.


Decisions about across-the-board and merit raise percentages should be made at the unit level. Human Resources will give the tools and education to the units, so they can make these decisions.


4.  Early Retirement


The Faculty Senate passed an Early Retirement Policy at 60% of pay. Bill Rickert said there was no chance of early retirement at WSU in the foreseeable future, though the final decision is with the Board of Trustees. Contrary to popular belief, early retirement does not save money, and so it does not make financial sense. With enrollment increasing, the administration is trying to increase the number of faculty, not decrease it. There are no anticipated reductions in faculty or staff, and so an incentive for people to leave is counter to university needs.


5.  Time Off


The idea of Personal Days was discussed. Now for bereavement, vacation days have to be used for non-immediate family members' funerals, etc. An analysis looking at other universities on this topic is being done.


Al Boggs said Human Resources is redrafting some of the Wright Way Policies, and he will report on this later.


A Leave Committee for staff will include Mary Healea and Mary Clem as the unclassified staff members, and Diane Hamilton and Linda Dunbar as the classified members.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.




The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be held on Wednesday, May 24, 2006 , at 2:30-4:00 pm , in Room 267 University Hall.


The agenda for the May 24, 2006 Meeting is the WSU Budget.