Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Thursday, June 22, 2006



Present: Council Members: Linda Dunbar, Diane Hamilton, Mary Healea, and

Marianne Shreck


Others: Bill Rickert


The WSU Staff Council met on Thursday, June 22, 2006, at 2:30 p.m., in Room 267 University Hall.


Summary of 2005-06 Council Business


Bill Rickert distributed a summary of the WSU Staff Council 2005-06 Business:

1.  Banner.


A.   Problems with the GA and GTA payroll need attention.


B.   More Banner training is needed, including one-on-one training.


2.  Leaves


Parental Leave Committee meeting was to be held on June 28, 2006 which would focus on a possible Parental Leave Policy for staff. Also discussed were sick leave, personal days, bereavement time, and the “4 hour rule”.


It was suggested that a policy may be needed for taking classes during work hours. Some employees use leave time for classes and others don't have to, depending on their supervisors. This issue will be discussed at the Council's September 2006 meeting.


3.  Holiday Schedule.


The Cabinet anticipates making no changes to the holiday schedule in 2006.


4.  Classified Staff Compensation


During 2005-06, classified pay grades were expanded to increase pay potential within each range. As recommended by the Council, percentage-based across-the-board and merit increases will be given to the classified staff in July 2006. Procedures for 2007 raises will be discussed by the Council during 2006-07.


5.   Unclassified Staff Compensation


A new unclassified staff classification system was developed with more consistent titles and broader salary bands for more raise potential. Bill said that appeals were being processed.


6.  The Performance Management System is scheduled for implementation after applicant tracking is

     established (built on the Banner system).


7.  Employees changed from unclassified to unclassified hourly.


The University's only goal for these changes was to comply with legal requirements in the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Department of Labor requirements. It was asked why these employees are not eligible for comp time. Bill said that CSAC can bring this up as an issue to Staff Council.


8.   Notice about Crime on Campus. The police and University Communications notified employees and

      students abut crime concerns, and notices were posted on buildings.


9.  Staff Development Day in June was a continued success and had improved food service. It was also

     noted that the twice a year schedule works well.


10. Early Retirement. Even though the Faculty Senate passed an Early Retirement Policy, the university

      is not offering early retirement for any faculty or staff in the foreseeable future.


11.  WSU Budget. Matt Filipic had given information and lead a discussion of the WSU budget and the

       changing economy in Ohio .


12.   Child Care at Mini-U. There will be a survey about the services and needs at Mini-U., and will be going

        out to all WSU employees this fall. The process is being overseen by Dr. Greg Bernhardt, Dean, College

        of Education and Human Services. Some of the issues will be:


•  Are child care needs of WSU employees being met?

•  Is Mini-U. accessible and effective to families?

•  Problems with fewer openings for newborns and infants.

•  Cost.


13.   NCA Visit. Widespread staff involvement contributed to a highly successful accreditation report.

14.   Staffing. There had been discussions of faculty and staff hiring, including the need to restore

         faculty-student ratios and hire faculty and staff according to the strategic plan and changing unit needs.

         The university is working to increase the number of tenured faculty, particularly.


Staff Council Agenda for 2006-07 


There was a discussion about agenda items for 2006-07:


  September   How classified staff compensation notices were handled.

                         Comp time for unclassified hourly employees.

                         Taking classes during work time.

                         Release time for Staff Development Day.

                         Supervisory training.


  November    Parental Leave for staff issue.

                        Update on Facilities and Capital Planning (Vicky Davidson, Tentative)


  January        To be determined.


  March           To be determined.


  May              WSU Budget.


  June             2006-07 Wrap up.



The meeting was adjourned at 3:46 p.m.


The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be held on Wednesday, September 27, 2006, at 2:30-4:00 pm, in Room 267 University Hall.