Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, May 28, 2008



The WSU Staff Council met on Wednesday, May 28, 2008, at 2:30 pm, in Room 267 University Hall. 

Present:  Council Members:  Mary Healea, Joanie Hendricks, Fran Keeley, Greg Kojola, John Sheidler, Chris Wydman, and Convener, Bill Rickert. 


1.      Short-Term Disability


Bill Rickert said that the university anticipates getting a proposal out soon for a short-term disability plan.  It is not the same proposal introduced by Kiel Rottgen at the January 9, 2008 Council meeting, since that plan could not be available to employees with pre-existing conditions.  Kiel is directly involved with the new proposal and is working on it with Purchasing and Human Resources.   

2.      Health Savings Account (HSA)


The university is still expecting to introduce the Anthem Health Savings Account plan as a new option for employees.  This plan can especially benefit employees in good health, and will allow people to manage their own healthcare expenses.  The current Anthem PPO and HMO plans will also be available, with premium increases reflecting the higher costs of insurance.  Information sessions will be held during Fall Quarter, so people will have ample time to make good choices for their healthcare.  No changes to healthcare will take place until January 2009. 


It was brought up that part-time staff, working 51% to 74%, pay more for healthcare than full-time staff.  Salary increases of the part-time employees may be less than their increase in premium for healthcare.  Bill Rickert will look into the situation.


3.     Staff Salary Increase


Bill announced that unclassified and classified staff members will receive salary increases from a 3% pool effective July 1, 2008.  This includes across-the-board and merit increases.

4.     Staff Survey Summary


CSAC and USAC Chairs will meet with Provost Steven Angle on June 5, 2008, to discuss the results of the Staff Survey.


5.     Human Resources Advisory Council


It was agreed that the WSU Staff Council members will serve as the new advisory council to Human Resources for 2008-09.  The group will start meeting during this summer, with both outgoing and incoming members participating.   While all Staff Council members may not be available, it was agreed that current and future USAC and CSAC chairs (Barb Bullock, Fran Keeley, Joanie Hendricks, and Chris Wydman) should definitely be included. 

6.     Wall of Academic Pioneers for Staff


Chris Wydman agreed to be the chair/convener of the group to develop a wall of staff pioneers.  This group will talk with the committee for the Academic Wall of Pioneers; decide on a prominent place for the wall; and plan for a plaque, reception, etc.  Bill said that the Provost’s Office will pay necessary expenses. 

7.     Rewarding Good Ideas from Staff


It was decided that this idea be delayed for another year due to other projects going on.  However, Fran Keeley will ask at the June meeting of the Ohio Staff Councils of Higher Education (OSCHE), what other universities do to award their staff for good ideas. 

8.     Budget


The Board of Trustees Budget Meeting will be held on May 29, 2008.  Bill said that if the Council wants to discuss the budget at the June 11 meeting, let him know so that he can invite Keith Ralston to attend.


The next meeting of the Council will be held on Wednesday, June 11.  The agenda will include a wrap up of 2007-08 and a preliminary discussion about the Human Resources advisory group.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:38 pm.