Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, March 9, 2005



Present: Council Members: Mendy Beverly, Mary Healea, Joyce Howes, Jennifer Rice, Daisy Stieger, and Susan Wehmeyer.


Other: Bill Rickert, Robert Sweeney


The WSU Staff Council met on Wednesday, March 9, 2005 , at 2:30 p.m. , in Room 267 University Hall.


Strategic Plan


Robert Sweeney, Director of the Kettering Center for Continuing Education, attended the meeting to speak about the WSU Strategic Plan for 2003-2008.


Bill Rickert pointed out that the university has been making a concerted effort to pursue the current strategic plan and to use the plan for budget and other important decisions.


Sweeney explained that the president had personally led the university effort to develop the strategic plan, with active participation from the provost, vice presidents, deans, and many others. Robert Sweeney served as the facilitator of the group.


Toward the end of 2003-04, the Strategic Planning Implementation Committee met to review the accomplishments of the university for that year. This committee consisted of representatives from the Classified Staff Advisory Council, the Unclassified Staff Advisory Council, and from the Faculty.


In August of 2004, the Strategic Planning Council met to consider 2004-05 strategic plan updates. This would include on-going projects, possible changes or a change in priorities from the previous year. So the 5-year Strategic Plan is never really more than one year out of date.


Dr. Sweeney handed out the first in what is expected to be a series of strategic plan updates. Each will summarize the many accomplishments of various departments of the university during the past year. The colorful booklet is being distributed within the university community. Future documents will probably be sent electronically to save on costs. These documents will reflect the technological and/or financial changes at the university as work to fulfill the strategic plan continues.


Dr. Sweeney went over various sections of the printed booklet, such as the Executive Summary. The mission statement of WSU did not need to be changed. The three main goals of the university are still built around teaching, research, and service. To measure progress with these goals, indicators showing improvements or enhancements made in the first year are presented in the document.

In the subsequent years of the plan, updates will reflect the day to day activity of the university, including university-wide accomplishments, both large and small. These documents will probably be sent electronically to all internal faculty and staff. Possibly there will also be a small, leave-behind brochure or post card with the web address to the larger document online that shows the many accomplishments of the university.


Bill Rickert asked the council for reactions to the printed, color booklet:


Council reactions were very favorable:


•  It makes you proud of WSU

•  It can be kept and referred to later.

•  It looks very professional.

•  It ties nicely into the NCA accreditation.

•  It can be kept updated electronically.

•  There will be complaints about the cost of producing it.


Robert Sweeney said the process includes gathering data, determining how to measure indicators of success, and possibly making changes. It also shows what the university is doing right by holding up examples of excellence and how they were accomplished.


Robert was asked about his continuing involvement in the strategic planning process. He said he will continue to be involved in some capacity.




1. Budget 

Bill Rickert said the university is moving into a very difficult budget situation due to the limited and uncertain subsidy from the State. When times get tough, decisions have to be made on setting priorities for programs and positions. However, there are no plans to cut jobs. 

2. Staff Development Day 

This initiative came out of the strategic plan. The next Staff Development Day is scheduled for March 21, 2005. The president and vice presidents will attend the lunch that day to answer questions from the staff.

3.    Automated Evaluation Tool  

The university is considering a mechanism to use for evaluating employee performance. The system will be used for staff only. Not all feedback about the pilot project is in yet. All input is needed from participants of the pilot program, using Performance Impact Software, to determine whether to implement that system or not. This input should be sent to Tamara Jones in Human Resources. Feedback so far has been more positive than negative. There will also be start-up costs for the mechanism and also annual costs, which present challenges. If implemented, this system would probably go into use in January, 2006.  

4.    PMG Project for Unclassified Staff Job Reviews  

Changed Department of Labor standards and Banner implementation have slowed progress on the PMG project. 

The council requested an update from Human Resources about the PMG project, and when to expect preliminary findings. 

5.    Health Insurance 

Bill Rickert said that the university is exploring a broad range of options regarding health insurance. Among the possibilities are a change from Anthem to another carrier, or having two carriers, Anthem plus another (not United Health Care since they won't write double carriers in the future).  

The council requested that Human Resources more broadly inform the staff about projected plans for sharing health care costs, etc.


The meeting was adjourned at 4.00 p.m.





The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be held on Wednesday, May 25, 2005 , at 2:30-4:00 pm , in Room 248 University Hall.