Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, June 8, 2005



Present: Council Members: Linda Dunbar, Mary Healea, Joyce Howes, Tami Smith, Micky Stamps, Daisy Stieger, and Susan Wehmeyer.


Others: Bill Rickert and Robert Sweeney


The WSU Staff Council met on Wednesday, June 8, 2005 , at 2:30 p.m. , in Room 267 University Hall.



1.   Staff Development Day


Robert Sweeney attended the meeting to discuss the next Staff Development Day. It was decided to hold one in December, 2005 and one on a Friday in June or July, 2006. Robert suggested that the steering committee could consist of several members of USAC and CSAC, someone from Conferences and Events, and John Bennett from Communications and Marketing. Robert and Allan Boggs would also meet with the committee. The USAC and CSAC chairs are to check with Jane Schelb and Cindy Young for suggestions of members on the steering committee.


Robert said that there will be a replacement for Tammy Wall at the Kettering Center who could coordinate the project and possibly attend the meetings. This person could coordinate assembling the packets for the development day, and possibly Conferences and Events could help if needed.


Robert suggested that the steering committee could have a planning meeting in August, 2005 to discuss topics and vendors for the December date. They could use feedback and suggestions from the last development day. Possible session topics include a discussion of organizational development and a Human Resources information session on Banner, since HR will be going online with Banner in January, 2006.


Robert said that a $200,000 budget line for training went to the Kettering Center for 2004-05. Next year a portion of this budget will go to Human Resources for a half-year salary for a new training person to come onboard in January 06. This person should be a valuable resource for Staff Development Day, but the WSU Staff Council will still have ownership.


2.  Updates to some of the Agenda Items from 2004-05:

A.   WSU Staff Council Website  

In order to make the website more visible, it will include links to the USAC and CSAC websites, and those pages will have links to the WSU Staff Council page as well. Also, it will be possible to search for the site by typing WSU Staff Council on WSU's home page.


B.   Training Needs  

Training on workplace violence and sexual harassment is being planned to begin Fall Quarter 2005. A person to oversee training will be hired in January 2006.

C.   Christmas Holiday

With all the major projects going on this year, nothing has been done about this item yet. Possibilities suggested by the council are to include a long weekend around Christmas, closing the university for several days, or possibly converting sick days to personal days to use that week. Bill Rickert will propose these ideas to Cabinet again this year.


Suggestions for the week of Christmas for 2005 were to have December 31 off instead of January 2; and to have December 27 off instead of the 23 rd . This would create two long weekends.

D.   Capital Plan  

Parking Lot row markers had been suggested, especially in Lots 4 and 20. This idea will be considered again after the new road is finished.

E.   Pilot Performance Management Tool

It will have to be decided whether this project will be included in the budget for 2005-06 or not. If approved, the system would probably go into use in January 2006.

F.   PMG Project for Unclassified Staff Positions 

The project has been delayed by demands of Banner implementation and by new Department of Labor Standards for FLSA, but it is proceeding and will be implemented in 2006.

G.  Budget

A 3% salary increase is planned for WSU employees effective July 1, 2005 for staff.


It was brought up that the classified staff salary increases are not being calculated the same as the unclassified staff, and Council members expressed concern about the procedure being used. It was agreed to discuss the topic at the September 28 meeting of the Council. Bill asked for suggestions to be brought to that meeting. Allan Boggs will also attend and will explain the procedures and why they were implemented.

3.    WSU Staff Council Structure and Agenda Items for 2005-06


It was decided that the structure of the WSU Staff Council meetings will remain the same for 2005-06. Bill Rickert will continue to convene the meetings, but another member may lead discussion of individual topics.


Tentative Schedule and Agenda Items for 2005-06 are:


  September 28   Compensation and Salary Increases


  November 9       Banner


  January 11         TBA


  March 8              TBA


  May 24                University Budget


  June 14               Wrap-up


  Council members are to suggest agenda items for January and March.



The meeting was adjourned at 4.00 p.m.


The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be held on Wednesday, September 28, 2005 , at 2:30-4:00 pm , in Room 267 University Hall.