Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, June 13, 2007



The WSU Staff Council met on Wednesday, June 13, 2007, at 2:30 pm, in Room 267 University Hall.


Present:  Council Members:  Barbara Bullock, Diane Hamilton, Joanie Hendricks (new CSAC Chair-elect) Fran Keeley, Greg Kojola, and John Sheidler


Others:  Albert Bondurant and Bill Rickert, Convener



1.     Introduction of new Human Resources Staff Member


Bill Rickert introduced Albert Bondurant, the new Director of Organizational Development and Learning, who will begin working in Human Resources on July 1, 2007.  He will apply his extensive experience as a consultant in organizational development to serve as a resource to organizations as well as individuals on campus.


Albert Bondurant spoke about his previous experience as an adjunct faculty member and a consultant in human resources and organizational development for the past 20 years.  Working as a free agent, he meets with individuals, employee groups, or groups of leaders to get ideas on what may be needed in the organization.  He plans to tie the mission and vision of the university with what the needs are.  He is willing to take different perspectives and suggest options for solving various problems.  He said he will be as open, involved, and communicative as possible.  Albert will assist with a number of issues raised by Staff Council; and employee training will also be a part of his job.


2.     Wrap-up of 2006-07


        Bill gave updates to several issues brought up this year: 

A.  Parental Leave Policy

A major accomplishment of the Council was the development and implementation of the parental leave policy.  Bill brought a further issue for consideration by the Council.  In cases of stillbirth, how much parental leave should be granted to the parents?  This was discussed in Human Resources, and the recommendation, based on Ohio State’s policy, was that a maximum of two weeks with medical documentation should be granted to the mother.  The unanimous consensus of the Council was to allow three weeks for physical recuperation after child-birth.   Bill will take this recommendation forward.

B.  Parking


Faculty Senate had recommended 500 new parking spaces for Fall Quarter 2007.  This is not possible to be done in this short period of time. 


The plan for Summer and Fall Quarters 2007 is to develop the equivalent of 283 new parking spaces:

C.  Time Off


The issue of employees not being allowed time off by their supervisors for meetings, development, etc., will be a continuing discussion next year.  Even though the Provost supports staff participation in events with an open letter to supervisors, some affected staff are still reluctant to come forward openly.


D.  Civil Service Reform (House Bill 187)


Guidelines and standards for making changes to the Ohio Revised Code in regard to classified employees are being developed now by the Inter-University Council (IUC).  This framework will go to the presidents of the state universities. 

Changes WSU will make, if any, will be considered beginning Fall Quarter 2007.  The WSU Staff Council will be informed and involved in the process before any changes are made. 

E.  Budget


Bill distributed an email from Bruce Johnson, the President of IUC, which was sent to all IUC presidents and provosts in Ohio (attached.  It was a summary of some of the significant changes made by the Ohio Senate to the state budget bill.


4.  Agenda Items for 2007-08

Bill reminded everyone that the format of the Staff Council meetings is open for change; and agenda items from CSAC and USAC are always invited.  Suggested agenda items for next year are: 

A.  Time off issues:  bereavement, week between Christmas and New Years, sick leave and personal days, paid time off, and

      short-term disability. 

B.  Environmental Sustainability.  Student Government has coordinated with the university President to create a new Presidential Task

     Force on Sustainability and has developed a Sustainability Proposal.  The Student Government proposal can be read at:




                They also have a list of resources at:




The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.  The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be on September 26, 2007.