University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

2:30-4:00 pm , Room 267 University Hall



Present: Council Members: Jeff Bowman, Donna Curtin, Linda Dunbar, Joyce Howes, Mike O'Neal, Micki Stamps, Daisy Stieger, Donna Totten, Susan Wehmeyer.

Other: Bill Rickert, David Hopkins


1.    Labor Day Weekend and Start of Class


The Council discussed a concern that some staff may be expected to volunteer and some will be working on Labor Day, which is one of 10 paid holidays. Classified staff can receive overtime pay or comp time for their extra hours. Unclassified staff do not receive overtime pay nor comp time, so how will they be compensated? What can be done that is fair to all staff and will still serve the needs of the students that weekend?


Suggestions included:

•  the employee might take another day off in place of Labor Day (which might be difficult during the busy first eight weeks of fall quarter).

•  there is a need for new supervisor training regarding overtime and comp. time issues.


•  a letter could be sent out to explain what is expected of staff for the First Weekend events, and to differentiate between how classified and unclassified employees will be compensated. Since that weekend requires both essential staff and volunteers, these roles need to be explained also.


•  Since many of the staff working that day will be from the Student Affairs area, the University College , Food Service, or the Bursar' Office, maybe a suggestion from the vice presidents over those areas could be obtained. (Dr. Hopkins said he would bring this issue up in Cabinet.)

2.    Scheduling of University between Christmas and New Year


•  Review of what occurred in 2003

Everyone agreed that granting the half-day administrative leave on December 24 to employees alleviated most conflicts and was widely appreciated.

•  2004-2005 scheduling with the current system


In 2004, the Christmas Day holiday will fall on a Saturday, so Friday, December 24 will be a paid holiday. The additional floating holiday can be used for another day off, possibly Thursday the 23 rd or Monday the 27 th . Perhaps Thursday would be better, since Monday, the 27 th is only one week prior to classes starting on Jan. 3, 2005 . USAC and CSAC will discuss this issue at their meetings.


New Year's Day will also fall on a Saturday this year, so Friday, December 31 will probably be a paid holiday.


Winter Quarter 2005 classes start on Monday, January 3. Students will be moving in during New Year's Day weekend, which raises the same issues as Labor Day weekend. In order to make move-ins friendly, organized, and customer service focused, many staff will be working that weekend.


•  Implications of campus shut-down between Christmas and New Year


Bill Rickert said that closing the university between Christmas and New Year is NOT being planned, so rumors should not be spread.


Concerns were mentioned about closing that week. Some employees don't want to be forced to use vacation time for Christmas. Others may not have any vacation time to use and would have to go without pay. Many offices want to keep a skeleton staff available to provide reasonable service, since a few students may come in during that time.


•  Other possibilities suggested:


Keep the university open, but with certain offices closed. (Student Affairs offices would probably remain open, among others.) However it was brought up that in order to save on heating expenses, whole buildings would have to be closed, not just some offices.


Add December 24 th as a fixed paid holiday. That would still leave a floating holiday to use during the Christmas-New Year's week to best save on utilities for the university. This could make a five-day holiday weekend, which would be well received by most employees.

Award a personal day to be used between Christmas and New Years to employees who have not used sick leave for a period of time.

•  Other Issues


   Food Service during Finals Week

It was mentioned that Food Service hours were drastically reduced on Wednesday through Friday of Fall Quarter Finals Week. Many students had finals on Friday and had very limited options for food.

 Parking Lots


 It was brought up that parking lots on campus had no row numbers or markings to help students remember where they parked their cars. Donna Totten was to have this issue brought up at a Parking meeting.

CSAC Wages and Benefits Meeting Issue

Employees are taxed for fee waiver benefits for graduate courses, and also for any that total over $5,200 per quarter. These taxes are deducted from the employees pay on the last pay day of that quarter. Some staff were not expecting this deduction from their pay and were caught off-guard. When Linda Sykes, Payroll Manager, was asked about this issue, she said it was impossible to spread the cost of these taxes over the three months of the quarter. So it was suggested that employees need to be informed ahead of time about these deductions from their pay.

4.    Suggested Agenda items for upcoming meetings:


Short-term disability or leave donation procedures

Supervisor training plans


The next Meeting will be held on March 10, 2004.