Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, January 12, 2005



Present:   Council Members: Mendy Beverly, Linda Dunbar, Mary Healea, Joyce Howes, Patti Manning, Jennifer Rice, Micki Stamps, Daisy Stieger, and Susan Wehmeyer.


Other:  Bill Rickert, Vicky Davidson


The WSU Staff Council met on Wednesday, January 12, 2005 , at 2:30 p.m. , in Room 267 University Hall.


The November 10, 2004 Meeting Minutes were approved.



1.  Parking Lot Markers


Per the Council's request, Bill Rickert spoke to Robert Kretzer, Director of the Parking and Transportation Department on campus, about adding parking lot row markers, especially in Lots 4 and 20. Robert said he would check into this for a possible spring or summer quarter project.


2.   Staff Development Day

The first Staff Development Day was held on December 20, 2004 with very positive results. Mendy Beverly had created feedback sheets for the participants to fill out. She will compile final results of the survey, and it will be discussed at a future meeting of the council.


One concern expressed was that the 1 ½ -hour lunch was too long, partially because there were too few questions for the Provost to answer. The email announcing the event and asking for these questions in advance was sent to the Announce and Staff list serves. Not all staff members subscribe to these. In addition, there were some staff members wanting to submit questions, but only anonymously. Linda Stutler will check into setting up list serves that include all staff, just classified staff, and just unclassified staff.


A Staff Development Day is to be held two or three times a year. The next one is scheduled for March 21, 2005 .


Capital Plan and Building and Grounds

Vicky Davidson, Associate Vice-President for Facilities Planning and Management, attended the meeting to talk about the Capital Plan projects for the campus.

Vicky handed out a list of current capital projects at the university and elaborated on them. These include:

1.  The Athletic Pavilion, currently under construction, will include a new gym, a weight room for all inter-collegiate athletes, coaches' areas, and locker rooms for both mens and womens basketball. It is totally funded from donations with no cost to the university. It is due to be finished in Summer 2005.


2.  The Russ Engineering Expansion is a four-floor addition to the north of the Russ Engineering Center building. $3M of the cost will come from the university capital plan, and the rest from donations, federal grants, and state money. Construction for this facility will begin in Summer 2005 and be completed by Fall 2007.


3.  Master Plan Phase V, which is to be funded by parking revenues, includes relocating University Boulevard along with sidewalk and parking lot improvements. This will allow for drivers to travel along the outer edges of campus and to enter parking lots from there. This will provide for better traffic flow with less stopping for the many pedestrians on campus. Four more elevated cross-walks will also be added. University Boulevard will be closed for construction from Hamilton Hall to Millett Hall in Summer 2005.


4.  Creative Arts HVAC Renovation includes replacing 15 old air handlers and should address many of the reported temperature concerns.


5.  Library Group Study Room is to be renovated with an added coffee bar in Summer 2005.


6.  Student Union Renovation includes expanding the fitness center with more rooms and allowing one-card entry to all the fitness centers. Student Health Services and the Pharmacy will be moved to the ground level of the Student Union and will be tunnel accessible. The Conferences and Events Office will also move to the lower level, while the Wright-Patt Credit Union and Wright Copy will move to the first floor. Student Union offices will be renovated. The atrium will have etched glass walls and will become more of a student area. This project is in the first phase of schematic design.  

7.   A Rike Hall Trading Room will be added behind the lounge in Rike Hall. This room will function as a classroom and laboratory facility that will replicate an actual stock market trading environment. There is an architect on-board for the project, and it should be completed in Fall 2005. The artwork now on the wall in the lounge will be relocated by the artist.


8.  The Fred White Center Renovation will be a two-part project:


Phase 1 will be an addition to the building to include a lecture hall, an anatomy and physiology lab, and a morgue. Phase 2 will be to renovate the existing facility and to move some School of Medicine offices, classrooms, and student functions into it. This project is in the schematic design phase, and construction should begin in 2006.


9.  The Renovation of the Science Labs will be a long-term project scheduled through 2012. It involves the construction of a new building for research; and the renovation of four existing buildings, Biological Sciences 1 and 2, Oelman Hall, and Brehm Lab. This project's cost will be $32.5M.


10.  Classrooms of the Future is an on-going project that is in its second year. Lillie Howard, Vice President for Curriculum and Instruction, is chair of the committee whose purpose is to plan and update classrooms as the needs change due to technology, distance education, etc.


11.  A Creative Arts Space Study seeks to solve some of the sound-proofing problems in that building.


12.  Parking Lot Expansions will replace the parking spaces lost during the Master Plan V project. It involves the area between the Creative Arts Center and Millett Hall, and also the expansion of Lot 4. This project is to be completed by Fall 2005.


13.   A Nutter Center feasibility study is to consider possible modifications to the Box Office.


14.  Challenge Course. High and low ropes challenge courses are being considered to add near the rappelling tower in the north area of campus near the women's softball field.

15.  An Ice Rink is being considered for the area behind the Alumni Soccer Field and would front on Kauffman Ave. Outsiders would lease the land and manage these Olympic and NHL rinks. There would be no cost to the university, and we will receive free ice time on the rink. Former pro-hockey players manage these rinks, but this project is currently being tied up in attorneys' offices.


16.  Lake Campus renovations are being studied to update their classrooms and buildings. This would be paid for by the university. An expansion to the Lake Campus is desired, and the Provost has asked them to find funding for that project.





Council members posed a few questions and concerns to Vicky Davidson:


1.  Directional signage on campus was suggested. The campus maps are very confusing to visitors and new students. It was suggested that the buildings on campus have more visible labels on them. Possibly several small kiosks with maps showing your location in relation to other buildings on campus could be installed. There are new signs in the tunnels labeling each building where you enter it.


2.  Artwork.  It was asked if the sculpture in the amphitheatre was a purchased piece. Vicky said that it was on loan to the university. All other sculptures on campus are purchased, and the university has contracts with the artists specifying how long they will be displayed and their maintenance. This includes the artwork on the wall in the Rike Hall lounge.


3.   A question was asked about repair of the leaking window in the tunnels at the SOM amphitheatre. Vicky said that it was on a list to be fixed.


4.  A Parking Spaces were brought up. People who purchase an A parking permit can only park in an A space at their own building, not when parking at other buildings on campus.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:52 p.m.




The next meeting of the WSU Staff Council will be held on Wednesday, March 9, 2005 , at 2:30-4:00 pm , in Room 267 University Hall.