Wright State University Staff Council Minutes

Wednesday, April 9, 2008 


The WSU Staff Council met on Wednesday, April 9, 2008, at 2:30 pm, in Room 267 University Hall.


Present:  Council Members:  Barbara Bullock, George Collins, Mary Healea, Joanie Hendricks, Fran Keeley, Greg Kojola, Vickie Slone, John Sheidler, Chris Wydman, and Convener, Bill Rickert. 


1.   Salary and Benefits


Bill Rickert advised Council members that anything they may hear about salary and benefits is still in negotiations with the AAUP, so nothing has been agreed upon.  The university intends to have a salary increase for faculty and staff this year, but nothing is definite.


Anthem presented a 23% increase in premiums for next year; based on WSU’s 23% increased usage of healthcare last year.  In an effort to control costs, the university is considering an Anthem Health Savings Account system for healthcare to start in January, 2009.  This system will include free checkups, and some free tests including blood pressure, cholesterol, pap, mammogram, and colon cancer screenings.  It may pay for smoking cessation and weight loss programs. 


For other healthcare expenses, the university will provide employees with an account with a debit card to use for doctor visits, etc.  These expenses will be at the allowable amount that Anthem currently pays.   The university will likely deposit $1,000 per year, per family into this account.  This money can be used for healthcare expenses during the year.  When the amount runs out, you will pay out of pocket until your expenses reach $4,000 per family.  After this limit is reached, your healthcare expenses will be covered by the plan for the rest of that year.  Any remaining funds in the account will roll over to the next year.  Employees can also deposit their own funds into the account.  Essentially, employees will manage their own health care accounts. 

2.   Wall of Academic Pioneers


The Wall of Academic Pioneers project was suggested by Jim Sayer, Dean of WSU-Lake Campus, and it was a success.  Jim Wagley, WSU Retirees Association, has proposed developing one for Staff.  The Council agreed, and CSAC and USAC members will look into doing it next year.


3.   Update on Compensation Issues


The Council had requested to see data indicating the compression problem with classified staff salaries. Sharon prepared this information for the Council, which was distributed with the March 12 minutes.


4.   Update on Payroll Issues


Bill Rickert met with Matt Filipic, VP for Business and Fiscal Affairs, and Jeff Ulliman, Assistant VP for Finance and University Controller, about the payroll issues discussed at the March 12 meeting.  Both considered it important that an employee who submits a timesheet on time should be paid.  Greater accountability for those responsible for approving timesheets, greater responsibility at the college level, and mandatory proxies for all approvers are all possible changes being considered.  Matt and Jeff are committed to making some changes to procedures so employees get paid on time.


5.   Staff Survey Summary


Barbara Bullock distributed a draft summary of the 2008 USAC/CSAC Staff Survey.  She said the biggest issue seemed to be communication and/or lack of it.  It was agreed that the draft survey should first be seen by the President, Provost, and Cabinet members, before it is made available to staff.


The Council discussed ways to distribute results that will ensure that they can lead to positive results.  One immediate consequence will be that WSU Staff Council will serve as an advisory board to the Department of Human Resources, helping to facilitate improved relationships with staff.


The recommendations on Page 5 and 6 of the summary will need further discussion, including careful review of specific information from the survey.  The President and Provost will send a written response regarding these recommendations to USAC and CSAC after they have reviewed the complete survey results. 


Bill thanked all who had worked on the Staff Survey.


6.   Rewarding Good Ideas from Staff


Since there was no time left to discuss this issue, it will be put on next month’s agenda.


Since the BOT Budget Presentation is scheduled for May 29, the May 28 Staff Council meeting will be for other agenda items, including the rewarding of good ideas from staff.  Handouts from the BOT presentation will be sent to Council members.  The next Staff Council meeting is on Wednesday, May 28, 2008, at 2:30-4:00 in Room 267 University Hall.



The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.