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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events for Fall 2009

Hispanic Heritage Month



  • Hispanic Heritage Month Events
    Click to see our 2009 Hispanic Heritage Month Schedule
  • Multicultural Halloween Celebration
    This holiday celebration combines the traditional Halloween customs of North America with other fall holiday customs celebrated around the world.  This includes the African American “Kwanzaa”; the Asian Indian “Diwali”; the Chinese and Vietnamese “Mid-Autumn Festival”; “Chusok,” the Korean Thanksgiving; the Japanese “Bon” holiday; the Nigerian “Yam Festival”; The Mexican “Day of the Dead”; and the Native American Fall Harvest. The Multicultural Halloween is a collaborative effort of several Wright State student organizations and features multiethnic costumes, diversity of music and dance, a variety of multicultural foods, and a costume contest for adults and children.

    Wednesday, October 28th

    Apollo Room, Student Union

    More info to come!

Native American Heritage Month

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