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Table of Concents
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Graduate Faculty


Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Ma Yao Adjunct 06 15
Macaulay Thomas Regular  N/A
Macdonald Marguerite Regular  N/A
Mack Nancy Regular  N/A
Maguire John Regular  N/A
Malik Arif Adjunct 06 16
Malloy Kathleen Regular  N/A
Mamrack Mark Regular  N/A
Mantil Joseph Regular  N/A
Marchand Jeannette Regular N/A
Markey Michael Regular N/A
Markland Scott Adjunct 06 13
Martin Jodi Adjunct 06 11
Martin Patricia Regular  N/A
Martz Stacy Adjunct 06 11
Maruyama Benji Adjunct 06 14
Mateti Prabhaker Regular  N/A
Mathews Susann Regular  N/A
Mawasha P. Ruby Adjunct 06 14
McAlearney John Associate 06 13
McAweeney Mary Adjunct 06 12
McClintock Robert Adjunct 06 11
McCord Edward Adjunct 06 12
McCoy Karen Adjunct 06 11
McDougal James Regular  N/A
McEwan Ryan Adjunct 06 15
McGinley Sarah Adjunct 06 12
McGowin Audrey Regular  N/A
McIlvenna Noeleen Regular N/A
McIntyre Peter Associate 06 15
McKenna David Adjunct 06 16
McKinley Andrew Adjunct 06 13
McKnight John Associate 06 12
McLellan Marjorie Regular  N/A
McNamara Gretchen Associate 06 13
McNutt Mindy Regular N/A
Mears Mark Adjunct 06 16
Medvedev Ivan Regular N/A
Megonigal J. Patrick Adjunct 06 13
Menart James Regular  N/A
Mercer Richard Regular  N/A
Metcalf Tammy Adjunct 06 11
Meyer Cheryl Regular  N/A
Meyer Joerg Adjunct N/A
Meyer Kathryn Regular N/A
Michail Sonia Adjunct 06 15
Miles Benjamin Regular N/A
Miller Corey Regular  N/A
Miller David Regular  N/A
Miller James Adjunct 06 11
Miller Kathleen Adjunct 06 12 
Miller Marvin Regular  N/A
Miller Mill Regular  N/A
Milligan Barry Regular  N/A
Minkiewicz Gregory Adjunct 06 13
Misra Pradeep Regular  N/A
Miura Yoko Associate 06 14
Miyasaki Donovan Regular N/A
Moddeman Gail Regular  N/A
Montague Benjamin Regular N/A
Moore Kenneth Adjunct 06 11
Moore Thomas Adjunct 06 14
Morgan Carol Regular N/A
Morisette Lisa Associate 06 11
Morris Mariana Regular  N/A
Morse Carmel Adjunct 06 12
Mosier William Associate 06 13
Mrozek Lawrence Associate 06 12
Mueller Laurence Adjunct 06 11
Mukhopadhyay Sharmila Regular  N/A
Munch James Regular  N/A
Munshi Natasha Regular N/A
Murdock, Jr. William (Paul) Adjunct 06 15
Murray Christine Adjunct 06 11
Murray Judson Regular N/A
Myadze Theresa Regular  N/A

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