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2004-2005 Graduate Catalog
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Admission and Registration


Students must be admitted to the School of Graduate Studies in order to register for and earn graduate credit. Students granted special status may also earn graduate credit but only in workshop courses.

Wright State is on the quarter system. The academic year is divided into three quarters (fall, winter, and spring) and a summer session (two five-week terms and one 10-week term). Registration dates are announced in the quarterly class schedule.

Registration Procedures

Initial Registration

Upon completion of the admission requirements and acceptance by the School of Graduate Studies, students are authorized to register.

Students in the following programs must meet additional requirements before registration will be authorized:

  1. Students admitted to the biomedical sciences Ph.D. program will be given registration instructions during the fall quarter program orientation period.
  2. Students admitted to the geological sciences program will receive their registration instructions at the orientation meeting in the geological sciences department prior to fall quarter.
  3. Students admitted to the M.B.A. program and the M.S. program in social and applied economics are advised in their admission letter to contact an advisor for an appointment in order to complete a program of study form. After this advising session, the advisor will authorize students to register.
  4. Students in biological sciences, biomedical sciences, microbiology and immunology, pharmacology and toxicology, and physiology and biophysics will not be able to register without first meeting with an academic advisor. Students should contact the academic program department for an appointment to meet with an advisor.

Registration must be completed by the date indicated in the quarterly class schedule. Students who register during the early registration period will be mailed fee statements. Fee statements are not mailed to students who register during the open registration period. They may access their accounts online using ROX.

Students are expected to complete registration by the end of the first week of a quarter. In order to register or add classes after the first week, instructor permission will be required. Students who register with permission after the 15th day of the term will be charged a late registration fee. Fees must be paid by the date indicated in the quarterly class schedule. No students may be admitted to classes for which they have not been properly registered.

Online Registration

After new students have met with an advisor, they are ready to register for classes. Registration information and dates are announced in the quarterly schedule of classes. Once students have advisor approval (if required), they may register by one of the following methods:

  • Online at http://rox.wright.edu (through Spring Quarter 2006)
  • Online at WIGNS Express (starting Summer Quarter 2006)
  • In person at the Office of the Registrar, located at E244 Student Union

Students in the School of Professional Psychology, Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Program, or Department of Theatre Arts may not use ROX/WINGS Expressfor registration. Students must register in person in these cases.

Continuing students should check the quarterly class schedule or their registration information on ROX/WINGS Express for the specific date they may begin to register.

Paying Fees

Students will find fee payment information and deadlines online at http://www.wright.edu/bursar. Students who register early but do not submit their payment by the required due date will have their registration canceled in order to make classroom space available to other students. Students who register during open registration must pay all fees and charges by the published fee payment deadline. Their registration will not be canceled. Late fees of up to $250 may be assessed for late registration or late payment. See the Registrar's Web site at http://www.wright.edu/registrar/ or the quarterly class schedule for refund and drop/withdrawal dates.

Students are encouraged to pay fees through Raider Online eXpress (ROX) at http://rox.wright.edu. By visiting this web site, students can apply their financial aid to account charges and pay any remaining balance with an electronic check or credit card. The university accepts Discover, VISA, and MasterCard, and the student must either be the cardholder or have the cardholder's authorization. Students can also pay by check or money order made payable to Wright State University and sent to the attention of the Bursar. In addition, students have the option of using the Student Installment Payment Plan (SIPP) to spread quarterly fees for tuition, insurance, and university housing (if applicable) over a three-month period.


A current schedule of refund dates and other information about refunds can be found in the quarterly class schedule, via ROX, and in the Office of the Registrar.

Subsequent Registration

Students who have registered for graduate classes at Wright State University for any of the four preceding quarters will be authorized to register for the current quarter. Students who have not registered during the preceding year must reapply to the School of Graduate Studies to have their files updated.

Auditing Courses

If class space permits, students admitted to the School of Graduate Studies may audit a course, with written approval from the instructor before they enroll. The amount of participation required of auditing students is left to the discretion of the instructor, but it cannot exceed that required of regular students. Audited courses may not be used to establish full-time status, and students may not change their registration from audit to credit or from credit to audit after the first week of class.

Change in Courses

A change in registration is made through ROX, or by submitting a registration form to the Office of the Registrar. Students should refer to the quarterly class schedule or ROX for specific deadlines for dropping courses and receiving refunds. The deadline for adding classes is the end of the first week of classes. There is no fee for adding courses, although instructional and general fees are charged where applicable. A late registration/add fee of $100 will be assessed for students who register or add classes on the 16th day of each quarter, increasing by $25 per week up to a maximum of $250.

Withdrawal From Courses

Students may drop a course without a grade of W appearing on their transcript if the course is dropped by the date specified in the quarterly class schedule. Students should refer to the quarterly class schedule for deadline dates for dropping a class or withdrawing. A student who stops attending a course and does not officially withdraw through ROX or the Office of the Registrar will receive a grade of F or X at the instructor's discretion. The X grade remains on the student's permanent record and is computed in the grade point average as an F.

Course Repeat

Students may repeat, once, any graduate course previously taken for credit in which the grade received was below a B. Only the hours and grade points earned from the repeated course will be included in the computation of the grade point average and in meeting degree requirements.

Students should indicate that they are repeating a course when registering. Repeats are permitted only twice in any master's degree program.

Continuing Registration

A student's registration each quarter should reflect the level of academic participation in university life and anticipated progress toward the degree. This is particularly true of students involved in thesis, dissertation, and special project research. Academic units may set minimum registration requirements for continuing and readmitted students which represent the unit's supervision of those students' efforts to complete degree requirements.

Students must be registered for at least one hour of graduate credit as designated by the department during the quarter in which the successful defense of a thesis or dissertation is accomplished.

Any exception must be approved by the student's advisor, department chair, and the dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

Veterans' Benefits

Active duty personnel and Vietnam-era veterans are eligible for the new G.I. Bill if they served without a break in service after October 19, 1984, through June 30, 1985. Only veterans separating after June 30, 1988, are eligible.

The All-Volunteer Force Educational Assistance Program (New G.I. Bill) can be used by a veteran who entered on active duty at any time after June 30, 1985, and paid into the program.

Applications are available from the Veterans Affairs office at Wright State University or from any Department of Veteran Affairs office. Educational opportunities are available for children and surviving spouses of veterans whose deaths or permanent total disabilities were service-connected. Spouses and children of servicemen and service women declared missing in action or prisoners of war are also eligible.

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