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We offer a unique approach as we cover the whole range of imaging including the actual development of imaging system, the analysis of the resultant images to extract quantitative diagnostic information as well as the application of these methodologies to patients. We have specialized research programs in quantitative x-ray imaging, dual-energy projection x-ray imaging, computed tomography and ultrasound imaging. We also have experience in magnetic resonance-imaging and spectroscopy, as well as positron emission tomography.

All our projects are directly geared to solving a specific clinical problem. Our approach is truly multidisciplinary. Besides necessary knowledge in anatomy and physiology, we rely on expertise in engineering, physics, mathematics and computer programming. Students with a background in engineering, physics, or computer science as well as biology are made for this area. Follow the links below for each faculty member to discover more thorough descriptions of our research programs.


Participating Faculty:

Thomas Hangartner, Ph.D. Quantitative bone imaging and bone diseases [bio][e-mail][home]

Ping He, Ph.D. Medical ultrasonics, medical signal processing, medical imaging, rehabilitation engineering [bio][e-mail]

Julie Skipper, Ph.D. Medical imaging, quantitative bone measurement, radiation detector systems [bio][e-mail]


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