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Biology of Perception

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Channels & Transporters in Cell Function
Biology of Perception
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Our research focuses broadly on perception and includes investigations at the molecular/analytical level and in humans. Specific interests include the biochemistry of vision and the effects of environmental light on cellular processes, the perception of motion, and the modification of spatial perception in humans under stresses such as sustained acceleration. Methodologies used in these studies involve state-of-the-art analytical and test instrumentation. Follow the links below for each faculty member to discover more thorough descriptions of our research programs.

Participating Faculty:

Darrel E. Fleischman, Ph.D. Photosynthetic reactions [bio][e-mail]

Daniel T. Organisciak, Ph.D. Light-induced retinal degeneration [home][e-mail]

Scott Watamaniuk, Ph.D. Visual perception, motion perception, eye movements. [home][e-mail]

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