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We are a dynamic group of scientists that have active, diverse but related interests in the toxins, bacteria, viruses and chemicals that play a role in terrorist threats and in toxic agents in our workplaces, homes, and the environment. Wright State University is well equipped for this research by having BSL3 containment, and chemical agent facilities. We are funded to explore hazards and mechanisms of action for this diverse range of toxic threats. Our research techniques include state-of-the-art genomics, proteomics, and NMR-based metabolomics, as well as sensitive analytical methods. Students trained in this area will be exceptionally well-prepared for a scientific career in biodefense, chemdefense or toxicology. Follow the links for each faculty member below to discover more thorough descriptions of our research programs.

Participating Faculty:

David Cool, Ph.D. Molecular mechanisms of intracellular sorting of prohormones [home][e-mail]

Eric Fossum, Ph.D. Dendrimers (highly branched polymers). [home][e-mail]

Jeff Gearhart, Ph.D., Chemical and biological warfare agents

Roger Gilpin, Ph.D. Protein-based chromatography; mass spectrometry [home][e-mail]

Saber M. Hussain, Ph.D. Molecular toxicology, in vitro toxicity evaluation of nanoparticles [bio][e-mail]

Jim Lucot, Ph.D. Neurochemical/behavioral response to toxins [home][e-mail]

James N. McDougal, Ph.D. Skin irritation. Biologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling of chemical interactions of the skin [home][e-mail]

Mariana Morris, Ph.D.
Neuroendocrinology/cardiovascular function [home][e-mail]

Ramzi Nahhas, Ph.D. Body composition, CVD risk factors, statistical methodology for longitudinal data analysis and missing longitudinal data [home][e-mail]

Ioana E. Pavel, Ph.D. Bio-nanotechnology, nanotoxicology, physical chemistry [home][e-mail]

Nicholas V. Reo, Ph.D. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) studies of liver metabolism; hepatotoxicity and effects of peroxisome proliferators [home][e-mail]

Courtney Sulentic, Ph.D. Cellular and molecular immunotoxicology. [home][e-mail]

Dawn Wooley, Ph.D. Mechanisms of retroviral variation and pathogenesis [home][e-mail]

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