The Writing Center and WAC Courses - Appendix A

Writing Across the Curriculum

A Message from the University Writing Center

The University Writing Center welcomes students in writing intensive courses across the curriculum. We offer writing consultation, free of charge, to all WSU students. Any student may schedule one thirty-minute appointment per week; international students and students taking developmental classes or registered with the Office of Disability Services may schedule more time. Students may also walk in without an appointment at the top or bottom of an hour and work for thirty minutes with a consultant if one is available at that time.

Writing consultants are available to offer help to writers on tasks such as generating and expanding ideas; organizing and revising drafts; editing and proofreading; formatting papers in MLA, APA, or other styles; tackling grammatical problems; and dealing with other writing concerns. Writing consultants offer one-on-one assistance; however, writers must do their own work. Consultants do not write or edit clients' work.

The Writing Center also offers a library of resource books on various writing topics, a computer lab (consultants and clients have priority), help using computers or word processing, workshops on various writing topics, and a Writer's Hotline for quick questions that can be answered over the phone.

You can help your students make the best use of the Writing Center by following these suggestions:

  • Ask students to bring all printed information you have given them about a particular assignment.
    Send us copies of your current assignments at 031 Paul Laurence Dunbar Library. Let us know if the assignment information is available on a web site, so that consultants can access it during a tutoring session.
  • If you have “models” of a particular assignment that students have submitted in previous quarters, we would like to keep them on file here for tutors’ reference. Information about what you are not looking for in an assignment would also be helpful (e.g., not citing a textbook, not using first person).
  • Provide specific written suggestions to your students about what you would like them to focus on with a tutor.
  • Request a “tutor talk” for your classes by one of our writing consultants. This 5-7 minute presentation covers what kind of help students may seek in the Writing Center.
  • Inform your students about the Writer’s Hotline. Students, faculty, and staff can call 775-2158 to ask questions about grammar, punctuation, usage, writing style, or documentation.

In addition, the Writing Center director will be happy to work with you to develop in-class activities or supplemental instructional materials for use in connection with a particular writing assignment.

Please contact the University Writing Center at (937) 775-4186 with any questions or requests. Email may be sent to David Bringhurst, Director.