Writing Across the Curriculum

Call for contributions

The WAC newsletter is a forum for discussing the use of writing in the classroom and a clearinghouse for information on current research in teaching writing and its application. It is intended for all faculty interested in using writing as a means of learning, not only those teaching designated writing intensive courses as part of the WAC program.

If this publication is to be effective, your contributions are essential. Essays (2-3 pages), assignment ideas or teaching techniques (1-3 paragraphs), letters, questions you would like to see addressed, or anything else you think will be valuable to others will all be appreciated.

If you have received an outstanding student paper, you might send that paper (with the student's written permission, of course), along with information about the assignment and its role in your course and a brief comment on what the student has done especially well.

Send your newsletter contributions to Joe Law, 268 University Hall. You may send them via email to