Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


Unclassified Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Agenda
Thursday, December 13, 2012
9–10:30 a.m.
008 Student Union (Rathskellar)

Attending:   Chris Bethel, David Bringhurst, Wendy Chetcuti, Bev Denlinger, Audwin Jones, D. R. Fannin,  Marty Jenkins, Steven Johnson, Susan Kracus, Jamie Norris, Jenny Papadakis, Mary Raider, Jill Puthoff, Jacqueline Robinson, Aaron Skira, Courtney Smith, Craig This, Sommer Todd, Cindy Vanzant, Melissa Vanzant, Susan Wehmeyer
Absent with regrets:  Mark Hibner, Jonathan Jackson, Megan McCurdy, David Finnie, Cheryl Hutchinson, Sheila Nahrgang
Absent:  Gretchen Rentz, Valita Wilhoite
Guests:  Helen Dean, Steve Farrell, Lee McKarns, Latricia Milhouse, Linda Daniels, Lisa Bleeke

    • Call to Order: Craig This called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
    • Welcome:  New member D.R. Fannin replacing Tonya Mathis was welcomed.
    • Minutes of November 8, 2012 were approved.

    • University Committee Updates:
      • Parking services, meeting of November 29, 2012, report by Marty Jenkins:
        • Tiered pricing of parking passes for students based on lot location was proposed.  The committee did not feel strongly about the issue.  Lot 4A is the likely candidate for a reduced price lot because it can easily be sectioned.  Logistical issues about how many passes to sell and what might happen when Loop road is re-located were discussed. 
        • The committee is now a sub-committee of Buildings and Grounds.
        • The Library’s request to be able to issue permits for visitor spaces outside the library was discussed.  The Library has not been able to do this since the passes became free.  The committee agreed that the Library is a prominent outward -facing part of the campus and passes should be easy for visitors to the Library to get.  Parking Services has cited auditing and control issues as the reason for the change.  The committee passed this issue to Buildings and Grounds with a strong recommendation for approval.
        • The addition of covered drop-off areas to improve handicapped access and the request for additional bike racks was discussed.  The committee thought that these were not really parking issues.
        • A policy for communication about the disruption of parking on campus was discussed. 
        • Questions about safety were discussed in light of the recent accident in which a student was injured in the cross walk.  Student Government has also discussed this issue.  Sensors have been suggested with flashing crosswalk signs. 
        • Parking Services has reduced the representatives from USAC and CSAC to one each.  Marty will finish his term at the end of this year, and will not be replaced.
      • Sustainability Committee, October meeting, report by Bev Denlinger:
        • Fifty new recycling containers have been placed around campus.
        • A $25,000 grant is being used as seed money for sustainability projects.
        • The student groups have been very active this year and groups have joined together to meet on the first Tuesday of the month. 
        • The new classroom building will be EPA Lead certified.  Lead is a sustainability benchmark.   Diggs is also an EPA Lead certified building.  A new blog give information about scenarios under consideration:  http://wsunewclassroombuilding.wordpress.com/   The building will be between University Hall and Hamilton hall and will include an auditorium.  It will be a progressive building.  Bev Denlinger is the construction project manager.  Input can be offered on the website.  A one-stop student center will be more convenient for students.
      • Dining Services, report by Melissa Vanzant:
        • Sodexho has held the dining services contract since 1996.
        • As the current contract nears completion, the Budget Office has decided to solicit input from the campus community.  Proposals were presented from 5 vendors who are interested in the contract.  All of the vendors were invited to bid.  The RFPs must be returned by February 8, 2013.  Finalists will be invited back the week of March 25, 2013.  A contract will be offered to one of those vendors by the end of April.
        • If Sodexho is not selected, the transition will occur by July 23, 2013. The plan will include Lake Campus.  Dining services staff are not WSU employees.
      • UDAC, report by Wendy Chetcuti:
        • UDAC met on December 6, 2012.  The committee has requested two USAC representatives.  Jacqueline Robinson will serve as the second representative for the remainder of the year. 
        • An email about mini-grants was sent December 12th. 
        • Training and orientation will begin with search committee training.
        • Mandatory leadership training has been discussed.
        • Four advisory groups will be formed.
        • The possibility of holding Quest for Community at an off-campus location has also been discussed.
      • Wellness, report by Susan Kracus:
        • Rates for employees with Health Savings Accounts have been questioned. 
        • It was noted that USAC and CSAC were informed only one day before the new program was announced to campus.
        • The wellness committee will offer the opportunity for additional input.
        • Concern was expressed that the enrollment window was very short.  The cutoff date of April 15, 2013 for wellness checks was also a concern.
        •  Susan has received and forwarded comments to Henry Limouze.  The university administration is very aware of the issues.
      • Smoking  Policy Ad Hoc Committee:
        • Steven Johnson and D.R. Fannin agreed to co-chair the USAC smoking policy ad hoc committee.
        • Lee McKarns also volunteered to serve on that committee
        • An additional three (3) unclassified staff persons will be named to the committee after a university-wide announcement is placed
        • USAC ad hoc committee will provide recommendations to a larger university-wide committee, which will, in turn, provide a smoking policy recommendation to President Hopkins and the Board of Trustees
    • USAC Issues
      • Performance appraisals: 
        • USAC members attended an ODL performance appraisal training on December 12, 2012. 
        • The cabinet met December 10th and discussed the 34% completion rate for evaluations.  Dr. Hopkins put together an ad-hoc committee to look at the issue. 
        • The President will issue a campus-wide communication that a 100% completion rate is expected. 
        • The ODL forms for supervisors and staff are to be used for the 2012 evaluation period.  A time schedule will be announced.  Deadlines will be communicated to Vice Presidents and Deans.  Training sessions will be offered.  Communication about the use of the new forms was not clear across the university.  This change comes as an unwelcome surprise to those units which based plans on previous communications that the use of the new forms would be optional in 2012.
        • Al Bondurant will present information about evaluations at Staff Development Day.
        • Information about mandatory evaluations will be tied to policies in the Wright Way and the Ohio Revised code.
        • President Hopkins will pursue mandatory training for supervisors and will look into ways of tracking the completion rate via banner.  Accountability will be stressed.

    • Guest Speakers Dr. Kimberley Barrett and Jacqueline McMillan discussed the Quest for Community Conference.  The conference will move to the first week in October.  A name change is under consideration.  A new theme for the conference will be selected annually.

    • Craig This adjourned the meeting at 10:35 a.m.


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