Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


Unclassified Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Agenda
Thursday, November 8, 2012
9–10:30 a.m.
008 Student Union (Rathskellar)

Attending:    David Bringhurst, Jonathan Jackson, Audwin Jones, Marty Jenkins, Megan McCurdy, Jenny Papadakis, Mary Raider, Aaron Skira, Courtney Smith, Craig This, Sommer Todd, Cindy Vanzant, Melissa Vanzant, Susan Wehmeyer, Valita Wilhoite
Absent with regrets:  Chris Bethel, Wendy Chetcuti, Mark Hibner, Susan Kracus, Jamie Norris, Jill Putoff, Jacqueline Robinson
Absent:  Bev Denlinger, David Finnie, Steven Johnson, Sheila Nahrgang, Gretchen Rentz
Guests:  Sol Solomon, Director, Raider Connect, Nadine Brown, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Marketing and Services, Mary Ann Drewry, Beverly Grunden, DeAnne French, Nadja Grobe, Cristie Gryszka, Tracey McKellar

  • Call meeting to order:  Chair Craig This called the meeting to order at 9:00 am
  • Approval of minutes from October 11, 2012:  The minutes were approved as written
    • New Business
    • Strategic Planning Update: none
    • Letter to President Hopkins regarding performance appraisals
      • A draft letter was discussed and comments and suggestions were requested.  Additional discussion may occur during the USAC training session on performance appraisals scheduled for December 12th.
      • It was suggested that references to the Wright Way statement that all staff should receive evaluations and the Ohio Revised Code requirement that all classified should have evaluations be included in the letter
      • It was noted that if we recommend that evaluations be tied to raises, then raises should not be affected the first year.  Employees who have not been receiving reviews must be given the opportunity to understand where they need to improve.
      • It was suggested that some staff may receive merit increases without receiving an evaluation.
      • Because some staff are supervised by faculty, enforcement must come from the top down.  Supervisor training should include the concept that annual appraisals are documentation of something that should be going on all the time.
      • Some schools of thought hold that appraisals should have nothing to do with money; some managers may have been taught to avoid tying money to performance.
      • We may want to change the language of Wright Way policy 4004 to “consider” tying raises to performance. 
    • Raidersgiving Update: 
      • A new logo for the event was shown. 
      • Four students have responded that they will attend.  If the numbers stay low, volunteers may cook the meal rather than cater it.  Cooking and catering are options because the event is not on campus.  
      • Raider athletes who must remain on campus may be offered the opportunity to attend. 
      • The committee will get back to those who offered to make food or desserts when final numbers are known.   
    • Dining Visioning Committee; Dining Services Charter Committee (PDF)
      • The committee met for the first time last week.  Minutes have been posted to USAC from the linked heading above.
    • Wellness Program Committee: 
      • Traffic on the staff listserv indicates that there are misperceptions about the wellness program.
      • The greatest concern seems to be about privacy and protection of data:   what will be done with the information after it is collected; who will have access to the information.
        • The results will be coded without connection to the names of the individuals who took the tests.
      •  Concerns have been expressed about how the program will develop and whether testing of family members will be added. 
      • Concern was expressed that the manner in which the program was communicated gives the impression that it is punitive rather than a reward.  The process appeared to mandate the test to avoid rate increases rather than offering a discount for joining the program.  Changes in rates are shown in the enrollment booklet and on the HR website.
      • It was suggested that USAC should encourage attendance at the informational meetings and ask HR to provide more information via email
        • It was not apparent to many that the rate changes don’t take effect until July.
      • Fees to use the gym need to be addressed. 
      • Discussions are ongoing and options remain open.  Susan Kracus is the USAC representative to the Wellness Committee.  Chris Bethel is the backup.
    • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Nights (report by Mark Gazdik)
      •  Athletics is reaching out to the campus community to show appreciation for the efforts of staff to make the university a great place.
      • Two Staff Appreciation Nights will be held for one women’s and one men’s basketball Game
      • The women will play the University of Dayton on Wednesday November 28th.  The women have had their 2 best seasons in history.  A member of the faculty or staff may be offered the opportunity to sing the national anthem at the women’s game.
      • The men’s team will play on Saturday, January 26th.  This will also be blackout night:  the first 5,000 fans will get a free t-shirt. Academic recognitions will occur at half time and the President’s Award winners will be recognized. 
      • A method to facilitate ticket distribution and offer it as a benefit for faculty and staff is under discussion.  Hospitality is also being discussed.  The events are in the early stages of development. 
    • Tonya Mathis replacement: Tonya has taken a position as the Assistant Dean at Vincennes University. Her last day with Wright State was Friday, November 2.  According to the USAC bylaws, Jonathan Jackson will move from a one year term to complete her 3 year term.  As the candidate with the next highest number of votes in the last election, D.R. Fannin will be offered the opportunity to complete the 1 year term.
    • Old Business
    • Communications & Marketing:  A USAC logo was approved at the last meeting, but due to the lack of enthusiasm, additional designs were solicited.  The latest option bears a resemblance to Raider Connect.  Please send feedback to Jonathan Jackson. 
    • Staff Development Day: no report
    • University committee updates
    • Athletic Council
    • Dining Services (PDF):
      • The committee met for the first time last week.  Minutes have been posted to USAC from the linked heading above. 
    • Parking Services
    • Semester Conversion
    • Sustainability
    • University Diversity Advocacy Council
    • University Staff Council
    • Wellness & Recreation
    • WSU Bookstore Committee
    • Staff Council Human Resources Committee
    • OSCHE
    • Lake Campus
    • Guest Speakers:  Sol Solomon, Director, Raider Connect, Nadine Brown, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Marketing and Services
    • Raider Connect was developed to serve students better.  It goes beyond customer service drawing on active listening and counseling skills
    • Services previously registrar, bursar, and Financial Aid will be housed in one location.  This is a true integration – the offices are not just next to each other but actually one stop.
    • Questions or issues from other unclassified staff in attendance
    • Schedule reminders
    • Staff Council—Wednesday, November 14, 2-4 p.m., 267 University Hall
    • Lake Staff Advisory Council—Wednesday, November 21, 2-3:30 p.m., Room 177
    • Raiders giving—Thursday, November 22, Noon-2 p.m., Residence Services Community Center
    • Wright State Faculty and Staff Appreciation Night: Women’s Basketball Game versus University of Dayton, Wednesday, November 28, 7 p.m., Nutter Center
    • USAC Officers Meeting—Thursday, December 6, 9-10 a.m., Café Wright (Library)
    • USAC Meeting—Thursday, December 13, 9-10:30 a.m., Rathskellar (008 Student Union)
    • Craig This adjourned the meeting at 10:32 a.m.


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