Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


Thursday, May 10, 2012
9–10:30 a.m.
157 Student Union


USAC Council Members: David Bringhurst, Audwin Jones, Jen McCamis, Megan McCurdy, Jacqueline Neal, Jamie Norris, Wendy Riddell, Jacqueline Robinson, Craig This, Cindy Vanzant, Susan Wehmeyer
University Committee Members: Marian Brainerd, Marty Jenkins, Jill Puthoff, Mary Raider, Melissa Vanzant, Chris Wydman
Guest(s): Michael Lowery, Steven Johnson
Absent: Nancy Pestian, Wendy Chetcuti, Susan D’Autremont, David Finnie, Colleen Hayden, Gretchen Rentz, Courtney Smith, Valita Wilhoite

A) Call meeting to order—Meeting was called to order at 9: 02 a.m., by David Bringhurst, USAC Chair.

B) Approval of minutes from April 12 meeting—Minutes were approved as presented.

C) Officer's report

  • Update on Town Hall meeting—
    • Over 50 questions were submitted as a result of the town hall meeting. The list of questions will be sent out to USAC members for review.
    • The meeting was well attended and new USAC officers will consider doing another town hall meeting in the fall.
  • Update on Human Resources Staff Council Subcommittee meeting—
    • Updated calendars, including holiday schedule, should be on the Human Resources website by the end of the week.
    • Wright Way Policy has been updated to reflect changes to tuition remission due to semester conversion.
    • Temporary employees and shared services were discussed in the meeting. No policy in place at this time, but decisions can be made within departments/units.
    • Human Resources is going through a reorganization and 3 positions will be created (director of compensation and benefits, senior compensation person, senior benefits person).
    • There is one person still on staff at Wright State who accepted the recent separation incentive and he/she will be leaving his/her position at the end of the fiscal year.
    • USAC has asked for a summary of the questions/comments/issues that have been submitted through the Human Resources website
    • Human Resources website is being redesigned. If anyone would like to review it before it goes live, please contact David Bringhurst.
    • Human Resources would like to focus an advisory group regarding benefits. If anyone is interested, please contact David Bringhurst.
  • Provost review—Open-ended survey is being conducted regarding Provost performance. Even if you can’t answer some or all questions, please complete the survey. Committee will begin reviewing the results on May 22 and the review will be concluded in June.

D) Unfinished Business

  • Discussion and possible vote on proposed bylaw revision—New version of bylaws was presented to council. Updated copy was approved with minor grammatical changes.

E) New Business

  • MDA budget model committees—Encourage staff to attend the open forums regarding the new budget models. Last open forum for Dayton Campus will be on Monday, 156 Student Union, 3-4:30 PM.. Lake Campus meeting will follow on a later date. New budget model committees, with representatives from faculty and staff, will be created. Budget workshop is May 24.

F) USAC subcommittee status reports

  • Bylaws and Charter—Nothing new to report.
  • Community Service—Nothing new to report.
  • Compensation, Benefits, & Equity—Nothing new to report.
  • Communications & Marketing—Nothing new to report.
  • Nominations & Fundraising—Nominations are complete. Seventeen people were nominated and 12 have accepted the nominations. Voting will begin on Monday and will be open for two weeks.

G) University committee updates

  • Athletic Council—Nothing new to report.
  • Dining Services—Nothing new to report.
  • Parking Services—Nothing new to report.
  • Semester Conversion—All major components are in place and a general meeting will be held on May 11 that will demo new online catalog.
  • Sustainability—Nothing new to report.
  • University Diversity Advocacy Council
  • University Staff Council—Nothing new to report.
  • Wellness & Recreation—Nothing new to report.
  • WSU Bookstore Committee—Minutes will be added soon.
  • Staff Council Human Resources Committee—Nothing new to report.
  • OSCHE—Representatives from OSCHE recently met with Chancellor Petro and provided a report.
  • Lake Campus—
    • Recently held a We Serve U day (community garden) and produce was delivered to local food bank
    • Anthem and St. Mary’s hospital have not come to an agreement on insurance coverage for Wright State employees.
    • Commencement will be held at Coldwater High School this year since, with semester transition, it would be too early for outside ceremony.
    • Discovery Channel was on campus to feature a professor at the Lake Campus.
    • Applications are up for next year and campus housing applications are coming in.

H) Questions or issues from other unclassified staff in attendance—No questions from guests.
I) Schedule reminders

  • MDA budget model open forum—Monday, May 14 (Dayton Campus) and Friday, June 1 (Lake Campus)
  • President's Reception—Tuesday, May 15
  • USAC meeting—Thursday, June 14

J) Adjourn meeting—Meeting was adjourned at 10:32 a.m., by David Bringhurst, USAC Chair.

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