Ohio Staff Council of Higher Education (OSCHE) 2011 Summer Conference Report to USAC, August 11, 2011.


1.      We met June 16 & 17 at Columbus State Community College.

2.      The next meeting is the Fall meeting at the University of Toledo on October 21st.  Columbus State is scheduled to host the Winter meeting on January 27th and Wright State agreed to host the Spring meeting, now scheduled for April 27, 2012.  Next year’s summer conference was originally planned for Miami University Middletown with the dates TBD but now the location may also change.

3.      There are ten member schools of OSCHE and nine attended.  Ohio University was not represented.  Recruiting more schools as members is a goal, and we do need to get the WSU description changed to include USAC or make it all inclusive under Staff Council.  At the summer conference, using a newly developed format for consistency, attending institutions “report out” on things going on at their campus.  Some highlights:  at the time, most were either uncertain of raises or weren’t planning them.  Those that were, had amounts similar to ours.  WSU received a round of applause for administration and faculty going on record to say staff raises were a priority over faculty raises this year.  Dr. Limouze was previously briefed on this.  Toledo had 37 layoffs and employees are to take four furlough days.  Bowling Green also reported some layoffs.  Lorrain County Community College staff council members are entitled to 25 hours/week “re-assigned time” which is similar to a course buyout for their work on council activities.  Miami has a job enrichment program that rewards staff via small hikes in salary for completing various courses (for credit and similar to those offered by OD&L) related to their job series.  There is a maximum allowable but it does seem to serve as an extra incentive for professional development.  Columbus State is still looking at unionizing their staff.  A template is being developed for posting, via some sort of participating school log-in, that lists various categories of benefit information for comparison across the member institutions.  For example; raise data, lay-offs, parking cost share, insurance costs, vacation accrual rates, tuition break, etc.  A few other presentations are also a usual part of the summer conference agenda.  This year, updates on changes to retirement systems the use of social media were two of those presentations.  As has also been seen more recently, changes to the pension systems are still unclear.  Two WSU staff members are officers of OSCHE.  Tami Smith from the Registrar’s office is Vice-President.  Her two-year term expires next summer and Edward Depp from Affirmative Action was elected to a two-year term as Parliamentarian.

4.      As the OSCHE template is being developed, will need USAC input.  Will also need input on how the WSU description should look as being one of OSCHE’s member institutions.  Do we want more information on Miami’s job enrichment program to see if something is feasible for us here at WSU?