CBES Meeting

USAC Subcommittee

August 4, 2011

348 University Hall


Present:  Marian Brainerd, Mary Healea, Jacqueline Robinson, and Craig This


1.       Jacqueline Robinson (member of subcommittee from 2010-2011 and current member) welcomed everyone and members went around and introduced themselves.

2.      Jacqueline Robinson asked everyone to join the CBES group on Wings to find the archive of past minutes and other pertinent documents.  She mentioned there is a message board, but that in the past the CBES members just used WSU e-mail to communicate.

3.      Due to light attendance, those present were not sure if the subcommittee is fully staffed and would bring this up at the next USAC meeting on August 11, 2011.

4.      Issues suggested that CBES might consider this year

a.      What is the jurisdiction of CBES? May it act unilaterally or must it act under direction from USAC?

b.      Review the CBES letter to Dr. Limouze from USAC to assess where we are.

c.      Review the HR survey that USAC and CSAC collaborated on a few years ago to determine the current status of highlighted issues.

d.      Evaluations:  How do we get 100% participation from supervisors?  What is status of standardized evaluation form being developed by HR?  Do we get input?

e.      Bereavement leave, in addition to sick leave and vacation time. Possible 3 days.

f.       Treacherous Days Policy:  What is the policy and is it uniformly enforced if the roads are treacherous and an employee arrives late to work?  How does it cut across different classifications?

g.      What is the status of “work from home” policy? 

h.      Leave forms on Banner—are they fully electronic yet?

i.        Do we benchmark to see where we stand with regards to our policies to other similar universities?


Respectfully submitted,


Craig This

Acting Secretary