CBES Meeting

130 Library Annex

September 14, 2011


Present:  Marian Brainerd, Mary Healea, Nancy Pestian, Jacqueline Robinson, and Craig This


1.       The meeting convened at 9 a.m. to address the issues given to CBES by USAC at its September 8 meeting:

a.      Employee Separation:  Rights and Policies

b.      Workload:  Fair Compensation for additional duties and work toward clearer, shared definition of “other duties assigned.”

c.      Bereavement leave

d.      Calamity days

e.      Work at home policy

f.       OSCHE Data Collection Project

2.      Employee Separation: Rights and Policies—Jacqueline Robinson will review the Wright Way Policy and bring back her findings to the next meeting.  Areas of concern raised by the committee in discussion:  Layoffs of staff and reduction in FTE from 100% to 80% with little warning.

3.      Workload:  Fair Compensation and “Other Duties Assigned.”  A few of the CBES members indicated that they were aware that a draft of a policy is to be presented to the cabinet of deans and the next board of trustee meetings. 

4.      Bereavement Leave:  Marian Brainerd contacted the registrars at the four-year public universities in Ohio requesting their policies on bereavement leave, calamity days, and work at home policy.  Only the University of Toledo has responded at this time.  Based upon the University of Toledo bereavement policy, CBES has crafted the following for review by USAC:

a.      Each full-time employee or regular part-time employee who is absent from work due to death in the employee’s current immediate family, defined as spouse, parents, children, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, or a legal guardian or person who stands in the place of parent shall be granted a leave of absence up to three (3) consecutive working days of the employee’s regularly scheduled work days to be used exclusively to make funeral arrangements and to attend the funeral. If additional time is needed, it shall be deducted from the employee’s accumulated sick leave. 

b.      The supervisor/employer may request proof before approving funeral leave.

5.      Calamity Days:  CBES raised the following issues with regards to calamity days:

a.      What is the official policy from human resources when weather makes travel difficult to Wright State?  Or weather causes secondary schools to be delayed and employees are delayed coming into work waiting to get their children off to school?  Would it be possible to get one policy created and have that as the blanket policy available to the campus so that there is no ambiguity and one response serves for all persons?

b.      How does the announcement “university is closed” affect individuals who were scheduled to work from home that day?  Is it a day off for them or are they still scheduled to work because they were to work from home?

c.      How does this policy impact salaried versus hourly employees?

d.      Can HR release the policy in November prior to the arrival of the Winter season?

6.      Work at home policy:  A few of the CBES members indicated that they were aware that a draft of a policy is to be presented to the cabinet of deans and the next board of trustee meetings.  OSCHE Data Collection Project:  Craig This will contact Curt Pederson to see what OSCHE’s requests are.

7.      Additional Issues:  CBES raised the possibility of a workshop to be presented to all staff about the new budget/funding model. 

8.      Follow-up assignments:

a.      Marian Brainerd:  Work at home policy/ Workload:  Fair Compensation and “Other Duties Assigned

b.      Jacqueline Robinson:  Employee Separation: Rights and Policies

c.      Nancy Pestian:  Calamity Days: 

d.      Craig This:  Bereavement Leave and OSCHE Data Collection Project


Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Craig This