Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


October 14, 2010
9:15 - 10:30 am

264 Brehm Lab


Jacqui Neal, Jacqueline Robinson, Jen McCamis, Melissa Vanzant, Mary Healea, Susan Wehmeyer, Karen Strider-Iiames, Craig This, Chris Wydman, Kary Brigger, David Bringhurst, Denise Anderson, Jason Kohlhepp, Jerry Hensley, Kiel Rottgen, Jamie Norris, Liane Muhlenkamp, Curt Pederson, Wendy Riddell

A. Welcome by Jacqui Neal

The meeting was called to order by Jacqui Neal, USAC Chair at 9:15 a.m.

B. Approval of Minutes for September 09, 2010.

The minutes were approved as presented.

C) USAC Subcommittee Reports

  1. Community Service - Susan Wehmeyer, Jen McCamis, Jacqui Neal, Curt Pederson- Research on what campus used to do when Dr.Flack was here. Will work with Cathy Sayer
    We Serve U – in works, going to meet with Provost to hopefully get pushed forward
  1. Compensation, Benefits, & Equity - Jacqueline Robinson, David Bringhurst, Denise Anderson, Kiel Rottgen, Jason Kohlhepp, Jerry Hensley, Mary Healea- Elected new chair – Jason , Secretary is Jerry. Circulated letter to USAC for approval by the council
  1. Newsletter / Marketing - Jamie Norris, Wendy Riddell, Kary Brigger-Will produce an October issue . Find new ideas to promote our USAC group
  1. Nominations / Fundraising - Brandy Foster, Jen McCamis, Denise Anderson, Kiel Rottgen, Chris Wydman -Food Bank is our designated charity

D) University Committee Reports

  1. Athletic Council - Calvin Robinson, David Finnie – first meeting was structural, not much content to meeting
  2. University Diversity Advocacy Council - Megan Watson
  3. Parking Services - John Holm, Colleen Hayden – no attendance at meeting
  4. Semester Conversion - Chris Wydman – position for Semesters Conversion Director is online and hope to have person in place by the end of year. Develop a uniform/consistent course numbering system for all colleges/department. Meeting this afternoon to discuss the course numbering is possible yet at this point. Semester Summit on Oct. 25 at OSU. Course and Program approvals- deadline has passed and still have many outstanding since some of the colleges/depts. have fallen behind-hope to have everything done by the end of the quarter. Communication is much greater by students – they ALL seem to know now- Student Transition Committee is being formed. Approval phase needs to be complete and then we will move on to the Advising phase. Given the potential for positive change – what are the consequences for not making the deadlines – not getting courses in will have an effect on advising – advisors are still going to continue doing what they do by their own means- might not be able to use the technology for advising Fall 11 students about semester courses. What if the university decides to not to convert for Fall 2012? We are ahead of almost all other colleges going forward with the change as well – University System of Ohio is supposed to be in place to make a seamless move between colleges – if we don’t follow the timeline we may lose state support of instruction, and we don’t want to be an outlier – because we need the support of governor, chancellor, etc…Is there a way to go to the state and with the colleges ask for an extension since we wouldn’t want to look bad and make bad decisions as a whole group…seems like all the colleges are behind the eight ball and need more time – some of these decisions can’t be made until after November elections
  1. Sustainability - Karen Strider-Iiames – have not met yet
  2. University Dining Services - Melissa Vanzant – first meeting, next Thursday, Oct 21
  3. Wellness and Recreation - Craig This, Marian Hogue – chair message, health benefits fair on Oct 20 from 10-2– meeting today at 10
  4. WSU Bookstore- Mary Healea – renting text books in Spring – 185 titles , 320 in Fall and it was well received, tags for each book has ALL the options – new, used, rent, e-book, etc so they can see how much $ they could save with each option. Nooksstudy.com – purchase online text books, take notes online, create quizzes- a whole online learning
  5. WSU Staff Council - Jacqueline Neal, Mary Healea, Kary Brigger, Curt Pederson, David Bringhurst – nothing to report
  6. WSU Human Resources Committee - Jacqueline Neal, Nancy Pestian, Curt Pederson, David Bringhurst – Dr. Hopkins was at meeting last Tuesday with 4 main points – legacy of people, master plan, cultural assessment, student success - Budget doesn’t necessarily drive our options, but supports where we want to go – still a lot of uncertainty with the upcoming elections - $8 billion hole – how do we plug that hole and higher ed budget is $3 billion, we are looking at a loss of $14 million, had a about $6 million increase with enrollment, but we may have 3.5% cuts across campus – no midyear cuts though even with uncertainty – we were asked to cut the rumors – only as a last resort to go to Voluntary Retirement plan…minimize effect on people. BSOM – separate funding – they become more a part of the SSI- but still everything is still unknown. Health Care information roll out – recommending no change to High Deductible plan, university will pick up HSA monthly fee for this year- clarification of all the different plans and be consistent across the board. Anthem is really helpful when you call their customer service. Open enrollment Nov 3 – through Dec 1 – information will come out as soon as possible – open sessions will be more targeted for the different groups – new life insurance carrier as well and that information will come out too. HR website all informationDiscuss about frequency of HDEP deposits so they have enough $ to cover costs
  1. OSCHE - Curt Pederson – all day event on Oct. 29- Jacqui will send out information once she gets it
  2. Lake Campus - Gretchen Rentz, Liane Muhlenkamp – Liane talked about high enrollment, and new administration. Staff council (5 members) is serving lunch 3 or 4 days during the month. Lake campus does have lunch provided for students, faculty, and staff 4 days per week, but each day is covered by a different organization. No vending machines except Pepsi – this is a temporary situation and Sodexho will be on campus Jan 1 – when previous vendor left they took everything with them – renovating dining services and hope to be back up and running under WSU management with Sodexho  - Staff Council – is hoping to get website up and running after the beginning of the year

E) Other Business

  1. General Announcements
  2. OSCHE Day at WSU: Friday, Oct. 29th – University Park – Dr. Hopkins is attending
  3. Update on brown bag "Town Hall" luncheon-Emails don’t always work – pass out our brochure to all new employees. Appoint liaison to different areas to promote USAC in a better way
    Jacqui will send out an email with a summary of session- see attached notes

F) Additional Topics

  1. Henry Limouze – attended meeting – we all introduced ourselves and Henry gave some background on himself and current position
  2. BOT meeting – record for move in day – new furnished apartments – facebook, twitter, and youtube – students get free Dayton Daily News and 15 free movies on pc when in housing
  3. Police officers talked about the overhaul
  4. Enrollment stats- liberal admission – hs grad rates down – virtual visits are increasing
  5. Provost talking about great enrollment – president rode the bus in lot 20 – new deans were introduced  - writing program received an award – COSM dean search is underway again – Pat Martin is retiring year end – so that will be another search- hope to have in place by summer – Lake Campus dean will start next year
  6. Dr. Limouze talked about Dean Emeritus status
  7. Finance and Audit – Matt Filipic feels we are well prepared for the upcoming budget issue – well ahead of other schools since we will only see small changes – Nutter Center audit was not discussed in open sessions
  8. Health care costs will rise and our share might have to rise as well- but put things into perspective – our benefits are really incredible – law actually makes it problematic for any employer of the state to radically change employees share if it goes up to a certain %
  9. Advancement – lots of administration change and many new programs coming to increase donations from employees, alumni, parents of current students, and our current students


The meeting was adjourned by Jacqui Neal, USAC Chair, at 10:30 a.m.

G) Next Meeting -WEDNESDAY, November 10, 2010, 9:00 am in 264 Brehm Lab



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