Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


February 12, 2009
8:30 - 10:00 am

339 Fawcett Hall


Kiel Rottgen, Jacqueline Neal, Curt Pederson, Denise Anderson, Lisa Bleeke, Jerry Hensley, Kary Brigger, Kevin Knapp, Patrick Kachurek, Adam Horseman, Mary Kenton, John Sheidler, Helen Kay Dean, Chris Wydman, Barb Bullock, Mary Healea, and Rob Boley. Guest: Tamara Jones.

The meeting was called to order by Chris Wydman, USAC Chair at 8:37 a.m.

A. Welcome by Chris Wydman

B. Approval of Minutes for January 8, 2009

The minutes were approved as presented.

C. Discussion with Tamara Jones

The budget office is working diligently to reduce expenses. Budget cuts will be coming at the state level and tuition cannot be raised this year; however, there have been no indications that there will be layoffs. Some discussion points included:

  • HR is exploring alternatives to layoffs, such as voluntarily reducing FTE on positions or mandatory one-week, unpaid employee furloughs.
  • The pay cuts for state employees mentioned in the news will not apply to WSU employees.
  • If it was determined that there would be employee reductions for unclassified staff, deans and vice presidents would decide which positions to cut in their respective areas. If two positions were consolidated into one, the employee with the most seniority would be retained.
  • Dr. Hopkins recently mentioned that layoffs would be a last resort. Dr. Filipic has indicated that he's open to receiving cost-saving ideas from employees.
  • An early buy-out has been considered but is too costly. Other Ohio universities are looking at some alternatives to buy-outs, such as providing incentives for employees to retire.
  • A four-day work week in the summer has been considered; however, there are logistical issues. The main consideration is whether or not the University's business would still be accomplished.

D. Committee Reports

1. Athletic Council - Mary Kenton, John Sheidler - The Athletics Council Pre-Game Lecture Series starts on February 14. The cumulative GPA for student athletes was over 3.0. Bob Grant discussed future budget cuts for athletics and possible solutions, such as reducing travel costs.

2. Diversity Advocacy Council - Helen Kay Dean - Notes Attached.

3. Parking Services - Adam Horseman - No report. A meeting will be scheduled after they have a clearer idea of future budget.

4. President's Award for Excellence - Kevin Knapp, Chris Wydman - No report.

5. Sustainability - Jason Kohlhepp - Notes attached.

6. University Dining Services - Lisa Bleeke - Notes attached.

7. Wellness and Recreation - Jason Kohlhepp - Notes attached.

8. WSU Bookstore - Mary Healea - No report - the last meeting was cancelled.

9. WSU Staff Council - Barb Bullock, Mary Healea, Rob Boley, Curt Pederson, Chris Wydman - The focus of the last meeting was on budgetary issues. The mutual FTE-reduction was discussed; the most important aspect of this program is that it would be strictly voluntary. So far, there is no official policy on telecommuting.

10. WSU Human Resources Committee - Barb Bullock, Mary Healea, Rob Boley, Curt Pederson, John Sheidler, Chris Wydman - Committee members are still waiting for answers to the FAQ's, to be posted eventually to the HR website. So far, the committee hasn't been as productive as hoped.

E. Other Business

1. Health Break Luncheons - The events, co-sponsored by USAC as an alternative to Winter Fest, were held on Thursday, January 29th (emotional wellness) and Wednesday, February 4th (occupational wellness). If we do this next year, USAC can help with the promotion of these events.

2. Open Forum - We've had talks with Dr. Sweeney about having an Open Forum for all staff in May to discuss the budget.

3. Water Bottles - The Libraries have had four sales since the last meeting. On Monday from 9 a.m. to 12:30, there will be a Health Fair in the Apollo Room.

4. Adoption Assistance Program - This program was part of the new collective bargaining agreement for faculty, and so has been made available for all staff.

5. USAC Elections - The schedule for USAC Elections is online. Chris encouraged everyone to think about taking officer positions for next year.

F. Additional Items

1. Semester Conversion - Dr. Tom Sudkamp, President of Faculty, has offered to talk about the conversion at a future Open Forum event. Chris will follow-up.

G. Adjournment and Next Meeting

The meeting was adjourned by Chris Wydman, USAC Chair, at 10:12 a.m. The next meeting is in 339 Fawcett on Thursday, March 12, 2009 @ 8:30 a.m.


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