Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


June 14 , 2007
8:30 - 10:00 am

232J White Hall


John Sheidler
Karin Nevius
Amy Merhige
Greg Kojola
Pam Berry-Griffis
Jay Peterson
Chris Wydman
Sheryl Kent
Linda Hockaday
Patrick Kachurek
Curt Pederson
Melissa Faulkner
Jerry Hensley
David Hurwitz
Michael Coyle
Mary Healea

The meeting was called to order by John Sheidler, USAC Chair at 8:33 am.

I. Welcome by John Sheidler and Introduction of New Members

II. Approval of Minutes for May 10, 2007
The minutes were approved as presented.

III. Committee Reports

1-Athletic Council - Pam Berry-Griffis, Gary Sutton

The last meeting was May 25th.

1) June 10-14 there will be an open house at the Nutter Center in conjunction with sales of season's tickets for next year's basketball program. Darrin Cronebach is the new contact for advertising/sales of season tickets.

2) Officers were selected for Athletics Council for 07/08. Chair will be Mike Sincoff, Vice-Chair will be Dan Krane, and Immediate Past chair will be Steve Fortsen.

3) The Council reviewed the membership roster for 07/08. USAC will be replacing the 2 year expiration term of Gary Sutton. Pam Berry-Griffis will serve her second year on the Council.

4) The Athletics Council Bylaws were fine tuned and accepted. Major changes were term limits, wording about attending meetings, and grammatical revisions.

5) Year End Reports were presented.

6) The next meeting will be September 28, 2007.

2-University Diversity Advocacy Council - Jay Peterson

Today is the last meeting . This is the end of the term for Jay.

The UDAC strategic plan is attached.

3-Parking Services - Mike Coyle

The last meeting was May 31st. There will be an expansion of the Russ parking lot. Other options are also being considered besides the prairie grass area.

4-University Dining Services - Karin Nevius

Last meeting was May 17. There was an overview of the summer hours. The web site has a schedule posted.

A Cafe Wright petition was successful. There will be a three week trial for the hours of 8-1 M-Th.

The Hanger will be closed due to the summer camps at lunch.

This ends the term for Karin.

5-University Staff Council - Mendy Beverly, Barb Bullock, Greg Kojola, John Sheidler

Albert Bondurant, the new Director of Organizational Development and Learning was present for the meeting. The activities for the year were reviewed. Agenda items for the next year were discussed.

6-Wellness and Recreation - Sheryl Kent

Last Meeting was held on June 13, 2007
Summer Programming- visit http://www.wright.edu/crec/programs/

Lake Campus Picnic a success- over 60 participants

Retiree Picnic- June 20th, 11am-1pm, Garden of the Senses
Rain Date- June 22nd
Music by David Simpson
Magic by Larry Thompson
Caricatures by Sadie Werner
Food, Games, Prizes, Cornhole
Counseling and Wellness is now located in 053 SU
Summer RecFit Schedules have been updated
Summer Fitness Center Hours- M-F 6am-9pm; Sat 10am-9pm; Sunday Closed
Grand Opening for Fitness Center- Fall 2007

V. Old Business

1-Human Resources
The written responses to submitted questions have not been received yet. HR would like to schedule a fall session.

2-Charitable Organizations
We will conduct a raffle at the Retiree/Faculty/Staff Picnic. Linda and Susan will coordinate the raffle. Others will need to help out. The tickets will be $1 each or 6 for $5. This will be a 50/50 raffle with the proceeds going to Cystic Fibrosis.

3-USAC Elections
20%+ ballots were returned. There were over 200 votes. The new council members for next year will be: Rob Boley, Melissa J. Faulkner, Jerry Hensley and Curt Pederson.

4-Inaugural Committee
The inaugural events will be October 4-6, 2007. There has been no meeting since the last one. They want as many people to attend as possible.

5-President's Reception for USAC members
The reception was very nice.

6-President's Award for Excellence
Chris Wydman was to sit in on the process. The meeting was postponed and then never met. Mary Healea was on the committee. The recommendations were sent to the President.

7-Provost Meeting
Fran and John met for about 45 minutes and discussed the councils.

8-Board of Trustee Budget Presentation
The most recent annual presentations can be found at http://www.wright.edu/admin/bpra/budget.html

VI. New Business

1-07/08 USAC Officers
John Sheidler will become past-chair.
Barb Bullock will become chair.
Greg Kojola was re-elected as secretary.
Patrick Kachurek was elected as chair-elect.

2-Amy Merhige is leaving the university on June 22. Karin DuChesne will complete Amy's term as Karin was next in the voting results.

Thank you to the departing members of council and committee members whose terms are up.

4-Comments on behalf of Barb Bullock
Barb was unable to attend due to another commitment. She would like everyone to know that sustainability will be high on the agenda for next year. Updates to the charter will also be evaluated. The meetings will continue to be the second thursday of the month at 8:30am.

5-Staff Development Day
The next event will be July 11th.

The meeting was adjourned by John Sheidler, USAC Chair at 9:25 am.

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