Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


February 8, 2007
8:30 - 10:00 am

232J White Hall


Chris Wydman
John Sheidler
Patrick Kachurek
Gary Sutton
Karin Nevius
Amy Merhige
Mary Healea
David Hurwitz
Michael Coyle
Greg Kojola
Pam Berry-Griffis
Edwin B Mayes
Jay Peterson

The meeting was called to order by John Sheidler, USAC Chair at 8:32 am.

I. Welcome by John Sheidler

II. Approval of Minutes for January 11, 2007
The minutes were approved as presented.

III. Committee Reports

1-Athletic Council - Pam Berry-Griffis, Gary Sutton

Last Meeting was January 26th.

Coach's corner was Rob Cooper, Head Coach for baseball. Season opens Feb 16th. WSU will play the top 5 teams as ranked by Baseball America. The speaker for the First Pitch Banquet was George Foster. The recruits are excellent for next year. There are some good left-handed pitchers. He was congratulated for success of last year's season.

Athletic department budget overview was presented by Paul Newman. Revenue sources broken out by type and amounts. Highest revenues generated by men & women basketball ticket sales and advertising sponsorships. The 06/07 budget is $8.6 million with $1.8 million generated by athletics revenues and the remaining from various subsidies.

Game on Feb 10th is a big game. Athletes with GPA over 3.0 will be recognized.

2-University Diversity Advocacy Council - Jay Peterson

1. The Presidential Lecture series is in full swing with speakers on a variety of diversity issues.

A.The Quest for Community planning committee has been meeting every other week.  The official announcement and call for quest programs went out via email to the entire WSU community on Tuesday, Feb. 2. 

B. Format for Quest is a series of 45 minute time spots for programs (which may be combined with three series 15 minute programs) along with a luncheon.   Approximately 250 people attend the luncheon.

C. Efforts continue to use the unit or area reps on UDAC to plan a way of promoting diversity in the respective areas during the week of Quest as a way to promote this to the entire campus.  With the help of the Dining Services Committee, we have Campus Dining also involved in having a menu of a variety of Latin or South American dishes which will help to promote Quest (the Presidential Lecture and the Quest keynote speaker are each Hispanic.)  The keynote speaker (not completely affirmed yet) will likely be:  Dr. Juliet V. Garcia, President of the University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) – the first mexican-american woman in the nation to become a university president.

D. The next area rep meeting is Thursday, Feb. 8 from 3 – 4 p.m. in University Hall 248, the second floor "fish bowl".  Ideas will be discussed.  This committee will serve as a focal point of what is going on campus-wide during the week of Quest.

E.  The next UDAC meeting is: Thursday, Feb. 8 from 1:30 – 3 p.m. in 267 University Hall.

3-Parking Services - Mike Coyle

The last meeting was February 2nd and it was a joint meeting of Parking Services, Building and Grounds and Student Government.

The results of the Student Government Parking Study were reviewed.

Suggestions discussed were:
-Add additional lots, but not much space is available.
-Parking is worst from 10-2, consider rearranging classes to distribute better.
-Freshman parking in Lot 20
-Incentives for parking in Lot 20
-Shuttle from Zink Rd housing

Student Government is to discuss possible solutions and prioritize them.

4-University Dining Services - Karin Nevius

There was no meeting in December. Last meeting was January 18th.

A nutritional kiosk will be installed. It will contain general information. Information will also be available on their web site.

The Runway Deli has opened in the Hanger. Skyline Express may be opening this spring.

A special menu will be prepared for Quest. There is a change collection going on for the Honors Institute.

New cash registers will be in place for Fall 2007. They expect to begin accepting credit cards.

Another Dining Dollar Blitz is going on.

5-University Staff Council - Mendy Beverly, Barb Bullock, Greg Kojola, John Sheidler

Parental Leave was approved.

March meeting will be on capital projects.

6-Wellness and Recreation - Sheryl Kent

No report for Wellness and Rec due to the snow delay that cancelled the meeting.

V. Old Business

1-Dr Goldenberg Retirement Celebration
The event was well attended.

2-Staff Development Day
Event was well attended and received. Over 500 attendees. May need some new committee members. May look at moving dates of future events.

3-CSAC/USAC WinterFest (Holiday Party)
There were lots of good comments. People liked the dancers and the food. They thought it was nice to have something away from the holidays. There was a good turnout.

4-Human Resources
The open forum will be March 19th at 1:30 in 101 White Hall. A planning meeting will be February 19th.

There is no real information on what happened with the January email that did not get out to everyone. Hopefully it was just a fluke as there were no apparent problems with earlier emails. A new one will go out and hopefully it can be tracked better.

There is a lot of information on the USAC web page. Only the main pages and current minutes will be in the new format. The archived material will stay as is.

VI. New Business

1-Amy Merhige attended a roundtable at Celebrating Engagement - Telling our Stories. USAC should consider helping the university gather information on unclassified volunteering.

2-Email notices are going out to unclassified hourly employees and their supervisors regarding the results of the reclassification survey. Unclassified salaried employees that appealled, received a notice of the results. All other unclassified salaried employees should refer to the original list posted by HR for their information.

3-USAC elections will occur in the spring. It would be nice to do the voting online. John Sheidler will check with HR about getting a list broken into two groups. Amy Merhige will schedule a meeting to discuss technical options of online voting.

The meeting was adjourned by John Sheidler, USAC Chair at 9:20 am.

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