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May 26, 2005

The meeting was held in 161 Brehm Lab.  Joyce Howes, USAC Chair called the meeting to order

The next meeting of USAC will be held Thursday, June 30 in 161 Brehm Lab

Attendees included:
Joyce Howes, College of
Science and Mathematics
Edwin Mayes,
University College
Jill Oroszi, Nursing
Curt Pederson, Psychology
Roderick Perry, Athletics
Mike Reynolds, College of
Science and Mathematics
Jen Rice, Admissions
John Scheidler,
School of Medicine
Marianne Shreck, Research and Sponsored Programs
Gary Sutton, Bursar/Student Loan Collection
Lenora Sykes, Payroll
Chris Watson, University Libraries
Susan Wehmeyer, University Libraries
Susan Yeoman, College of
Science and Mathematics
Rick Zech, Budget Planning

Athletics Council
The Athletics Council met on 4/29/05.  There was no March meeting.

1.  Judy Chivers distributed the W05 Grade Report.  For the quarter, the
student-athletes' GPA was 3.041.  University wide, it was 2.963.
Cumulative for the AY, student-athletes are at 2.977 and the rest of the
student body is 2.910.  Women's Swimming & Diving topped the team
rankings for W05 with a 3.491.  Cumulative, the Women's Cross Country team is at 3.348, followed closely by the Men's team at 3.341 and Women's Swimming & Diving with a 3.334 so far for the year.

2.  Judy also presented information on the NCAA's new Academic Progress
Report (APR) criteria for Division I schools.  Using a formula of eligibility, retention, and graduation rates, teams are assigned an APR number.  Based on that number and associated confidence intervals, scholarships can be retained or lost.

3.  Guidelines for 5th year grants for athletes were distributed.  The goal is to assist financially, selected student-athletes who have exhausted their athletic eligibility but have not completed academic requirements to work professionally in their major.

4.  In the Athletic Director's report, Dr. Cusack talked about the status of the various coaching searches, performance of the spring sports teams, and a construction update on the Pavilion.

5.  Upcoming events include the annual Academic & Athletic Banquet honoring WSU's student-athletes and coaches on 6/5 at the Hope Hotel. Tickets are $15.  A buffet lunch at 1:30 starts the program.

6.  The next AC meeting is Friday morning, 5/27, from 8 to 9:45 followed by a "hard hat" tour of the Pavilion.

Parking Services
Working on appeals process and parking policies

Rec and Wellness
No Report

University Dining Services
Minutes for April 21, 2005

Attendees:   Diana Atkins, Dan Bertsos, Pam Daniels,  Jackie Eschen, Mike Gessner, Art Neff, Jamie Norris, Ron Ralston, Gloria Sickles, and Chris Watson

Minutes from March meeting were approved.

1.         Pepsi/Sierra Mist Tasting
            This event is a nationwide promotion for Pepsi.  It is done every year on the quad.

2.         Steak Night
Steak Night was April 13 and, as always, a success.  In an hour and half there were 180 steak dinners sold compared to 140 steaks last month.  This shows the event is popular.  Ron said there were spouses of the staff that came to the dinner.

3.         Etiquette Luncheon
Ron conducted an Etiquette Luncheon for the Black Bilingual Culture last Saturday.  On April 22, he will be at the Junior Leadership of Dayton.  It entails the proper way to set a dinner table and etiquette regarding the use of silver and china.  Many students have never had the opportunity to learn these skills.  There is no charge for this service except $.85 for the pamphlets.  Ron said it is very well received and he would be happy to hold a class anytime. 

4.         OACUBO Annual Meeting
The annual meeting for the OACUBO (Ohio Association of College and University Business Officers) is being hosted here at Wright State.  There will be a formal dinner on Sunday, April 24 and meetings on Monday, April 25 and Tuesday, April 26.  The Sodexho regional office is sponsoring the formal dinner event.
5.         Java ‘n Jazz Series
Maggie Green entertained on April 20 and was a success.  They ran out of coffee mugs in an hour.  David Simpson will be here on May 18.

6.         Pepsi Day
            Pepsi Day will be May 18 this year.  It will be on the Quad from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

7.         Caring Cans
This is Sodexho’s Stop Hunger Campaign.  Last year they gave 1,100 lbs of cans to the Dayton Emergency Fund.  The managers of Sodexho also help by volunteering to clean or cook at the soup kitchen.  This year they are going to help pack the food for distribution.

8.         New Specials
The Chef’s Kitchen in the Union Market is now offering two chicken egg rolls for $2.99 and two hot dogs for $1.09.  Both promotions have been a success.  The first week there were 400 hot dogs sold.  Also Sushi has come to Wright State.  A California roll that is fully cooked is prepackaged in the “Good to Go” section of the Hangar and Union Market.  The Landing Strip is also offering them.  Shrimp is the best seller at $4.99.

9.         Board Plan Program (2005-2006)
Art and Matt Filipic met with the Student Government regarding the Campus Board Plan for next fall.  The University sold tax exempt bonds for the building of the Union Market.  It was refinanced with a good rate but the length of time for the loan is shorter.  The Union Market is not as profitable as projected.  The tuition is fund is being used to support Dining Services.  This is not appropriate creating the need to raise the Board Plan.  Wright State remains the lowest food board plan in the state regardless of the fact the plan increases $100 next year. 

10.       Comments and Discussions
1.         Mike asked if the faculty will be paying into a quarterly plan with a fee for Dining Services.  He asked how much will the price of food increase.  It was stated approximately 3%. 
2.         Mike also asked if the food plan cost go up, will the food prices go up too.  Art said we are going to take a hard look at prices.  A few may go up but we will try to maintain or lower prices where possible. 
3.         Art said Ira Simon, a consultant in food services, has been asked to come to campus to help with the options to increase revenues and reduce expenses of our food contractor.
4.         It was suggested having a Fish Fry in the place of Steak Night.  It would be a great change of pace.
5.         Jackie asked if Dining Services to donate ice for a competition between the colleges.  It will be held May 20 from 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.  Ron said he would be happy to get that for them. 
6.         The next meeting in May will be the last Dining Services Advisory Committee meeting for this year. 
7.         The Hangar will be open this summer for an “all you care to take” similar to past years.  The menu will be the same as the Summer Camp students’ meals.  The prices are: Breakfast, $5.40; Lunch, $6.95; and Dinner, $8.15 for WSU faculty and staff. 
Next Meeting:  May 19, 2005 at 1:30 p.m. in Room E157A Student Union

University Diversity Advisory Council
No report

WSU Staff Council
Summary of Budget report by Keith Ralston
            Reserves are growing
            Tuition still low
            Will be some type of raise
Strategic Planning
Staff Development Day
            Each Council has three representatives on the Staff Development Day council.  Need to get plans in motion for next event.

Health Insurance
            Final discussions are underway
            Optimistic that new plan will include Premier Network
            Cost estimates came in much lower than expected
            Premier/UHC signed 5 year agreement
            Will have an open enrollment in June for new coverage then second in December to get back on normal schedule

PMG study
            Moving ahead slowly
            Two sample job families are being reviewed
            If the job families reviews go well, then they will move forward with more action
            Will not be done in July but will release a new timeline soon

FLSA Updates
            30 reviews submitted
            deadline to submit June 30, 2005
            some things may change
            informal process-email, memo giving more description of job duties, changes in place by July 1
            Hope to put in place with payroll August 1
            Working on a plan so no one is financially disadvantaged

About 20 nominees in each constituency
Election ballots will go out next week
4-5 in Academic have agreed to run, 3 in Academic Support have agreed to run
New members will be introduced at the June Meeting

Early Retirement Issues
            In WSU Staff Council meeting—told there will be no early retirement buyout
            Two faculty proposals are out there for faculty only buyouts

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