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March 31, 2005

The meeting was held in 161 Brehm Lab.  Joyce Howes, USAC Chair called the meeting to order


Attendees included:
Mendy Beverly, CATS
Joyce Howes, COSM
John Sheidler, SOM
Edwin Mayes, University College
Jill Oroszi, CONH
Mike Reynolds, COSM
Jen Rice, Admissions
Jim Uphoff, CTL

Carol Vuckovich, IA
Chris Watson, University Libraries
Susan Yeoman, COSM

Guest Speaker: Allen Boggs regarding Anthem and PMG
The Premier and Anthem mediations failed. Anthem says not having Premier in Network is $40-50 million a year less.  HR received a letter that was sent from Anthem to each major employer.  Anthem will give WSU a first quarter credit of $128,000 on a 16 million dollar bill.  This is not a refund.  Credit will last until a settlement with Premier is reached.  If Wright
State chooses to seek a secondary insurer, the credit goes away. 

On June 30 the contract with Anthem and Wright
State expires.  A renewal letter should come in the middle of April with new fees.  HR will look at proposals from all providers as sole and co-providers.  Anthem has recently said that we can co-exist with another provider, so long as the providers coverage doesn’t exceed 30% of the employee population.  There will be a short amount of time to solicit bids.  Sense is that no one wants Anthem as sole provider.  Others to bid may include: Aetna, Humana, and Medical Mutual. Humana may provide best alternative to allow access to Premier. 

Price.  From University of
Dayton’s recent proposals Humana is more expensive.  May consider passing the cost on to the employee and using Humana as a co-provider; cost would past on to help keep the 30% cap. HR will keep employees updated after they get the renewal letter.

Question and Answers:
Q: Concern about Magellen coverage
A: Email Allen Boggs with the specifics

Q: What about a refund for employees if it continues for 6 months?
A: The refund would be less than $10/person.  University is not getting any money from Anthem. It is getting a credit to the bill. 

PMG Study:
Slowed down by Banner.  May get something tangible soon. 

Q: Can you address rumors going around about dollar figure variance between the market study versus our current pay rates
A: Rumor is wrong.  Study has yet to be finished.  Do not have structure in the pay ranges, no dollar amount/modeling yet.

Q: How should we respond to these “rumors”?
A: A Boggs would be happy to speak to people. We are hoping to have the study done by the end of the fiscal year.  As soon as HR gets the information, it will be in employees hands.


Athlectic Council:
No report

Parking Services
Mike Reynolds-

1. The PAAC reviewed the proposed rate increase (22%) for parking permits (see attachment)
            - Last rate increase occurred in 1993.
            - P&T is a self-supporting service that takes in $820-850K in revenue from permits and $300K from fines (60-70% are collectable).
            P&T recently issued a $2 million dollar bond to pay for parking related construction in lot 11 and items associated with Phase V of the master plan; bond payments are $150-160K per year.

2. The Parking Appeals subcommittee proposed guidelines for parking appeals. For example, set time limits when an appeal can be filed and criteria (and invalid reasons).  Also proposed is an additional $20 fine for appeals filed for one of the invalid items.  Guidelines would be given to each person when they obtain a parking permit and also posted on the web.

3. There are concerns about illegal parking problems in front of the Student Union and with renovations and movement of the Pharmacy into the SU, the problem will get worse.
P&T is currently placing white plastic cones along the curve every morning to prevent people from parking in this area; people are still parking for short periods there.  A similar type of problem exists in back of Millet Hall.  The PAAC believes proper signage and pavement markings are needed to indicate that these areas are no parking / no standing zones. There appears to be some reluctance on the part of University from taking action.

                                                Current Fees                             Proposed Fee

Student Quarter                          20                                                       $24

Student FWS                             55                                                        67

Student Annual                          70                                                        85

Student Remote                         5                                                        6

Student Remote FWS                15                                                        18

Faculty/Staff Annual                  $ 90                                                    $            110

Faculty/Staff Quarter                 30                                                       31 ( 2%)  *1

Faculty/Staff Reserved               360                                                       396 (10%) *2

Vendor/Service                          $50                                                       $61

Replacement Permit                   $ 5                                                       $ 6

Prior increase in 1993 was from $70 Faculty/Staff Annual and $50 to $70 for Student Annual
*1        Increased 20% in 2000
*2        10% due to two prior increases since 1993 totaling 90%

Proposed Guidelines for Appeals
Wright State University Parking Appeals Guidelines
You play an important role in keeping WSU’s parking system running as smoothly as possible. By following these guidelines, you can help us achieve our goal of making your parking experience as convenient and safe as possible:
Park only within the boundary lines of a legal, marked parking space.
Display your parking permit on the rearview mirror of your vehicle so that the permit number is visible through the front windshield.
Obtain a permit for motorcycles and mopeds and park within designated areas.
Follow parking rules during severe weather conditions.
Pay any fines promptly to protect your access to parking permits and status at the University.
Buy your permit only from the Parking Services Office.
Use only valid permits that are not defaced or reported as missing.
Use your permit only in the specified lot and time.
Keep access and traffic clear.
Keep yourself informed of special event procedures and park accordingly.
All appeals must be filed within three (3) working days from the day the citation was received and be submitted to the Parking Services with a $5.00 appeal processing fee.  If your appeal is accepted, your appeal fee will be returned.  If an appeal is not filed within the stated time, the citation is deemed final and the citation will need to be paid.  After two denied appeals in one year, no additional appeals are accepted.  Appeals must include indisputable proof in the form of descriptions, pictures, doctor’s notes, repair bills, etc.
Lack of knowledge of the regulations, for example, new to campus or have not reviewed regulations
Lost citation
Other vehicles were parked improperly
Only parked illegally for a short period of time
Stated failure of parking officer to ticket previously for similar offenses
Late to class or appointment
Disagreement with or inability to pay the amount of the fine
No other place to park/ Did not see a parking sign
Referring to the rules as ridiculous
Inclement weather
Parking lot being full
Another person advised me to park there
Inability to find a legally marked parking space
Had the wrong permit for the space used
Failure to obtain a temporary permit
Left my permit hanging in my other car
*Appeals submitted for any of these reasons will incur a $20 fee IN ADDITION to the parking fine.
There was substantial evidence you did not commit the violation for which the citation was issued.
You committed the violation, but circumstances were not under your control, and
Prior to being issued a ticket you made some demonstrable attempt to notify Parking Services or Parking Enforcement of the situation.
The parking appeals committee uses the following guidelines to reach a decision:
Past parking record may be a factor in the decision.
Individuals are responsible for knowing and abiding by the parking rules and regulations. Ignorance of the regulations is not an excuse.
A parking permit is not a guarantee of a space. Not only is the driver responsible for finding an authorized space, but the lack thereof does not justify a parking violation.
The registrant of the vehicle is responsible for any ticket assigned, regardless of who is driving the vehicle at the time of the violation.
Students, faculty, and staff must register their vehicles to drive or park on campus. Parking permits must be displayed correctly to be considered valid.

Rec and Wellness
June 22 Employee Retiree Picnic
Heart Walk May 14
Poker Walk May 19th

University Dining Services
Minutes for March 17, 2005
Attendees:   Diane Atkins, Pam Daniels,  Mike Gessner,  Danette Gioiello, Scott Graham, Art Neff, Jamie Norris, Chuck Porter, Linda Puls, Ron Ralston, Gloria Sickles, and Chris Watson
Minutes from February meeting were approved.
1.         Associate Appreciation Day
Sodexho’s Associate Appreciation Day was held on March 9 as a thank you for all their hard work on a daily basis.  Each Associate received a pen and was served cake at a small celebration. 

2.         Java’n Jazz Series

The Latin group, Intrin-x-ico, performed at the Student Union on March 9 and was very well received.  Ron said they would probably be asked to perform again next year.  The Student Union Activities Board (UAB) is responsible for this event.  Dining Services is a partner with UAB.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Pizza Hut
Starting on April 4 the Buffalo Chicken Pizza will again be offered during the Spring Quarter in The Hangar.              

4.         National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day
The National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day is on April 2 but Dining Services is going to celebrate it on April 6 by the Chef’s Kitchen.  Six to eight flavors of peanut butter will be offered on sandwiches.  This is partly sponsored by P.B. Loco, a company that supplies a variety of peanut butter flavors.  Ron said he would be doing some extra publicity for this fun event.

5.         Take a Dip
Take a Dip was held March 7 – 11 and featured “cereal pops”.  They are Rice Krispie treats on a stick.  Fruit and chocolate will be offered in April.

6.         Steak Night
Steak Night is back at popular demand at $9.99 for a 6-8 oz. ribeye steak with side dishes that include potatoes, bread, salad and dessert.  Ron said 160 steaks were sold last quarter.  The next Steak Night will be April 13.

7.         Etiquette Luncheon
Dr. Barbara Green at the Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center is holding a seminar regarding proper etiquette at the dinner table.  Ron said it is an excellent seminar and is very useful to the students.   This event will be held April 16.

8.         Tour
France will be highlighted for the next Tour Sodexho.  The event is April 20-21 and the menu will be on the website for Dining Services soon.

9.         Customer Service Training
Pam Daniels, Jack Hamblin, and Ron Ralston visited the Sodexho home office in Pittsburgh to receive Customer Service Training.  These three people will train all the remaining dining services’ employees at Wright
State.  The three categories for this training were Hospitality Basics, Interaction Points, and Situational Selling/Customer Complaints.  The training was held on two different days to accommodate all the employees and still have a full staff.  Art Neff provided brief remarks at the beginning of each day’s training class.

10.       Library Project
The large study room in the Library will be redesigned to have a permanent coffee station rather than a cart.  The project will be open for the Fall Quarter, 2005.
11.       Soft Drink Special
            Chuck reported that the $.99 soda special will be available during Spring Quarter. 

12.       Porter Consulting, Inc. Status Review
The Porter Consulting firm has worked with higher education for many years and is expert in their field.  The survey they completed provided Dining Services a lot of information. 

The Porter Consulting firm recommended no changes to The Hangar.  However, they recommend the Union Market be changed over to an “all you care to take” format.   This idea was discussed by Senior University Management and it was decided that it would be too expensive to modify and renovate the Union Market facility.  Also, it would mean higher prices especially for faculty and staff and those students not on the Board Plan.

13.       Board Plan
It was suggested and approved by the Board of Trustees that the Wright State Food Board Plan be increased this year to $1,800.  This amount is still the lowest in the State of Ohio for state universities.   Mike suggested a combo meal plan with ten meals a week for resident students.  Also, he suggested a cost per swipe be used for five to seven meals a week.  Art said we are currently reviewing the feasibility of these options and several others.  
14.       Campus Scholarship Campaign
This year’s campaign will start very soon and the theme is “Let’s Do Lunch”.  A pledge card and a coupon for a free cup of soup when buying a drink will be in a brown paper bag.   Hopefully, this idea will bring donors into campus food operations.  Diana said the campus mug used last year was a good idea too.

15.       Dining Services Contract
Ira Simon from the
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill will be on campus the week of March 28.  He will be giving suggestions and assisting Dining Services. 


            Mike:  The new “pulled pork” sandwich was very good.  The Cram Jam in the Honors Dorm was well received by the students.  Ron said the Cram Jam next quarter will be in The Woods.

            Mike announced that he is running for President of the Student Body and that Jackie Eschen, who is also on the Dining Services Advisory Committee, is running on an opposing ticket.

Next Meeting: 
April 21, 2005 at 1:30 p.m. in Room E157A Student Union


University Diversity Advisory Council
No report

WSU Staff Council
No meeting this month.

Welcome Jill Oroszi, new member replacing Todd Brittingham

Elections: We will begin working on elections.  Any one who wants to volunteer can. John S. will help. 

Staff Development Day Update: Evaluations are scanned.  Good turnout.  Panel luncheon with President Goldenberg, Vice Presidents Abrahamovicz, Mueller and Filipic.  Continue to expect 2 Staff Development Days a year. 

Other: Procurement Card changes are being proposed.  Purchasing restrictions could be put on a card based on MCC codes.  If this happens it is proposed to happen prior to the banner implementation.  Attempt to be ready by July 1.

Holiday Project:
Recommended Holiday Hospitality Survey
Host Questions:

How many guests are you willing to host?

Are you able to provide transportation if needed?

Do you have pets?  If so, what type of animal?

Guest Questions:

Are you able to provided your own transportation?

Do you prefer to go alone or as part of a group?

Do you have any food or pet allergies or dietary restrictions?  If so, please list.

Announcement: May 19th, combined reception fro USAC/CSAC members. 



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