Date:                June 23, 2004


To:                   Unclassified Staff


From:                Allan Boggs, AVP HR


Subject: Announcement


I am pleased to announce that the university will be undertaking a comprehensive project to design and build a new classification system for unclassified staff positions. The current classification system has been in place since the Cresap Study in 1986 and over time has decreased in its effectiveness as a job evaluation and classification tool.


To guide the university in this project the decision has been made to engage Professional Management Group Consultants (PMG).  PMG was recently used by the University in the special classification study for the business and fiscal officer and other selected positions. In fact we will be using the same Position Description Questionnaire format and job evaluation methodology for the unclassified classification project as was used by PMG for the business and fiscal officer and other selected positions classification study.


The successful completion of this project requires the active participation of all unclassified staff members and their supervisors. This will include attendance at some meetings and the timely completion of Position Description Questionnaires. We will make every effort to ensure that there is minimal disruption to essential work processes during the course of this project.


The attached time line developed for this project commits us to an ambitious, but realistic, schedule.  The project will officially begin with distribution of the data collection instrument (Position Description Questionnaire or PDQ) and an announcement inviting unclassified staff to one of a series of communication meetings.  These meetings will be conducted to explain the nature and scope of the project; introduce and explain the data collection instrument (PDQ); discuss the time line; and answer any questions about the project.  Our communication plan will include a project update link on the HR web site for the duration of the project and provide periodic management updates based upon completion of milestone events.


Employees who participated in the recently completed special compensation study will not be required to complete a new PDQ.  However, members of that group will be asked to inform us about any changes in job content prior to the completion of the project. This will insure that any changes to the job will be again evaluated for appropriate placement in the hierarchy for unclassified positions.


As always, your questions are welcome. Please call on me at 3224 or Ken Selm at 2124 or Carlotta Johnson at 3299.


 Thank you.