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November 9, 1998

Present:  Verne Smith, Kitty Friedman, Becky Sommer, Ken Selm, Sharon Powell, Karen Wilhoit, Jack Butler, Tony Ortiz, Marty Jenkins, Sheila Hollenbaugh, Rick Zech, Nancy Makley, Christine Zeller, Joyce Carter, Jane Baker, Brian Maxwell, Mary Kenton, Ellen Demerath.

Issues and Trends in Health Benefits
Joyce Carter outlined factors to be considered and trends to be dealt with as we approach expiration of our current conctract with United Health Care. These include local and national cost trends, WSU utilization patterns, and practices among other employers. While WSU's costs are likely to increase, the university does plan to focus on preventive programming which will help lower costs by making our workforce healthier.

"Call for Issues"
The "Call for Issues" for USAC to address in the coming calendar year will be sent out in December.

Open Forum
We have agreed not to hold an Open Forum on benefits until negotiations have been completed. In its place, USAC is looking into sponsoring a program on the role of staff in student retention. Suggestions of other open forum ideas are welcome.

Alternative Retirement Plan
Two questions raised during October's discussion of the Alternative Retirement Plan were clarified: 1) Eligibility: Persons eligible are new hires and those with less than 5 years in PERS/STRS; 2) Social Security: Persons choosing to participate in an alternative plan remain exempt from Social Security contribution.

University Committee Reports

  • Artist Series - Fundamental changes have been made in the way that the Artist Series operates. The Artist Series Committee accepted proposals from units within the University for programs related to the performing arts. The committee met on Monday, October 26 to evaluate the proposals. The committee was pleased with the quality and diversity of the proposals, and was able to provide some funding to every applicant for the 1998-1999 academic year. Applicants included: Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center; Music Department; College of Business and Administration; Women's Center; English and Theatre Departments; Bolinga Center; and Lake Campus.
  • Athletic Council - Met with President Goldenberg for general discussion of athletics issues.
  • Dining Services - The committee has been asked to make a recommendation to the administration on future delivery of dining services on campus, in light of the upcoming closings of the Allyn Hall Lounge and the Bike Shop during renovation of their respective buildings. Options proposed to the committee include: construction of a dining hall building in The Woods area; or, redesigning the Millett location as a larger, centralized dining service operation. Both options would include closure of all other on-campus operations except the Depot. Also under consideration is an offer from Sodexho to assist with purchase of equipment for the new facility in return for a long-term operating contract. You may direct comments on these issues to Brian Maxwell (brian.maxwell@wright.edu, x2105).
  • Wellness and Recreation - The 1998 Health and Benefits Fair will be held Wednesday, Nov. 18, 10:00-2:00 in the Student Union Multi-Purpose Room.
  • University Budget Review - UBRC's major activity for the year will be looking into budget trends since 1989, particularly hoping to address the issue of flat operating budgets for departments.
  • Campus Climate - The Campus Climate Team has been disbanded on the expiration of its 3-year charge.


Mark your calendars for the next meeting on Monday, December 14 at 3:10 p.m. in Room E157B Student Union. Hope to see you there!

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