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April 12, 1999

Present: Verne Smith, Tony Ortiz, Kitty Friedman, Marty Jenkins, Karen Wilhoit, Jack Butler, Charles Long, Pam Wallace-Johnson, Donna Hamilton, Judy Rose, Mary Clark.

Service Learning
Mary Clark describing the University's service learning program. This program links faculty with community partners to create course components which provide both a service to the community and a learning experience for students. Studies have found service learning experiences to be a factor in improving student retention. Mary asked staff to help spread word of the program in their contacts with students and faculty. For more information, contact Mary at x3354 or by email to: mary.clark@wright.edu.

Directory Services Update
Donna Hamilton presented the proposed updated version of the online University Directory. The new version would add major and status (grad or undergrad) information to student entries, and title, status and campus address information to faculty/staff entries. In addition, it would allow searches to be limited to either the student or faculty/staff database. More information may be found at www.wright.edu/testing/dir_services.html. Comments may be directed to Donna Hamilton.

There will be openings on USAC in each constituency for next year. Nomination ballots go out soon. If you are interested in serving, please let your colleagues know to mark your name on the nomination ballot.

Personal Y2K Workshops
Paul Hernandez has asked for USAC support in sponsoring workshops to help individuals prepare for the Y2K rollover and its possible effects on their home computers and other personal tools. These will probably be scheduled in the summer.

University Committee Reports

  • University Diversity Advisory Council - This new group will continue the work of the Campus Climate Team. Chaired by Joe Coleman, the group has members from all constituencies. USAC's representative is Chair Kitty Friedman.
  • University Budget Review - Provost Moore shared the draft of the pro-forma budget which will be considered by the Trustees in May. Highlights include: A 3% increase in the compensation pool; 750,000 for continuation of the current health-care contract; addition of a baseline item for technology; tuition increase of 4% for undergraduates and SOPP, 8% for graduate students, and 1.5% for Lake Campus, each with an addtional 1% for technology. The May UBRC meeting will include discussion of domestic partner benefits.
  • Athletic Council - This group has focused on three major efforts this year:
    • 1) review and support of gender equity five-year review, with a report to be made at the May Athletic Council meeting;
    • 2) continued support and growth of the Faculty/Staff Team Liaison mentoring program;
    • 3) evaluation of Athletic Department budget and report to administration on those areas which have been consistently underfunded, also to be reported at May Athletic Council meeting.
  • Dining Services - USAC is seeking a representative for the Dining Services committee. If you are interested in serving, contact Kitty Friedman.


Mark your calendars for the next meeting on Monday, May 10 at 3:10 p.m. in Room E157B Student Union. Hope to see you there!

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