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October 13, 1997

Present: Jane Baker, Joyce M. Carter, Patty Dudick, Lee A. Duteil, Alexia Etsios, Kitty Friedman, Marty Jenkins, Mary Kenton, Sarah Knedler, Terri Limbert, Nancy Makley, Juanita E. Melton, Merita Moffitt, Gerry Petrak, Tricia Renner, Bill Shepard, Frances Tyleshevski, Chris Watson, Kelli Zaytoun-Bryne, Christine Zeller


  • Direct Deposit :  The direct deposit proposal discussed at the previous meeting has since been changed. The University will no longer mandate employees to have direct deposit of their paycheck by January 1, 1998. Future implementation of this proposal will not be discussed again until after January.
  • Dental Coverage :  Further clarification of the dental contract was given by Joyce Carter. The dental contract is up for renewal June 30th of each year. Other dental contracts are being reviewed for better rates and expanded choices in dentists.
  • USAC Web Page :  Chris Watson, Marty Jenkins, and Kitty Friedman teamed to discuss content and creation of the USAC web page. The current proposal for the USAC web page would include lists of members, USAC representatives, and committees (all with e-mail links), the meeting schedule, the most recent minutes, upcoming agenda items, sign-up instructions for the unclassified staff e-mail list, and background USAC information such as the charter, USAC history, and a table listing the departments in each constituency. Other interactive portions of the web site would include election bios, committee volunteer forms, and general forms for submitting questions, comments, and concerns linked to the chair of USAC. The web site would be located off the WSU main page, with pointers to the WSU Post and back to the main page. It was also suggested that the committee minutes could be reported in conjunction with the USAC minutes. The web team is looking for a USAC logo for the web page which is hoped to be activated by the end of November.
  • Electronic Communication of USAC Issues : The need for electronic communication of USAC issues outside of the monthly minutes and in lieu of the upcoming web page was discussed. It was decided that USAC could still benefit from electronic communication for events and issues of magnitude that surface between meetings. The list serve chosen for this type of communication is the unclassified staff list serve (uncl_staff). A flyer will be sent out to unclassifed staff describing how to subscribe. Briefly, to subscribe to the unclassified list serve, send an e-mail message to:
    leave the subject line blank, and in the body of the message type:
    (in which "your name" is your name typed in full - this does not need to be your e-mail address)

University Committee Reports

  • Athletic Council - The athletic council has met once since the USAC meeting and has on its agenda for this year to look at academic enhancement for athletes and gender equity issues.
  • Ethics Committee - This year, the ethics committee (formerly Institutional Integrity) will be working on ways to raise ethical awareness on campus-focusing people to look at the university's core values by means other than establishing rules.
  • Marks Committee - The marks committee released the new Wright State mascot to the world on October 22nd. Now the focus of the committee will be university's mark.
  • Servant Leadership - Servant Leadership has been moved from the President's office to student life. Currently, the focus is finding someone to propel the student organization's focus on bridging community service and servant leadership. They hope to have someone by November.
  • Campus Climate - A report will be given at the next USAC meeting updating the council on the status of recommendations from the last proposal which stood to report the status of under-represented groups on campus. Under-represented groups has been defined by the committee as those who are not protected by civil rights legislation.
  • Dining Services - Current activities of the dining services include changing the Ratskeller to a more "sports club" atmosphere using Wright State memorabilia as decor and "sporting" a new TV for viewing. They will also be adding a second coffee cart to the campus. A concern raised for dining services was the alleged slow movement of lunchtime traffic in the Bike Shop attributed to closed or "down" registers and under-staffing in food service.
  • Parking - As of the October 13th USAC meeting, the parking committee had not met. However, we did receive reports that lot 4 would be functional within 4 to 6 weeks (Nov. 3rd-17th), and most probably by the end of October.

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