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State of Ohio - On the bottom right of the page, you can click on jobs several different ways for compensation plus job descriptions. Wages can be found by clicking on Pay Range Booklet (by class title).

WSU wages for Classified Staff - Click on Classified (Non-Bargaining) AND Classified (Teamsters)

Job Audit Form

Recommended Reading:

  • Gomez-Majia LR, Balkin DB, and Cardy RL. (2012) Managing Human Resources, Seventh Edition. Prentice Hall Publishing. ISBN 978-0-13-272982-6.
    Chapters 1 and 2: (gives overview) Meeting Present and Emerging Strategic Human Resource Challenges and Managing Work Flows and Conducting Job Analysis
    Chapter 10: Managing Compensation
    Chapter 11: Rewarding Performance
    Chapter 12: Designing and Administering Benefits
    Chapter 7: Appraising and Managing Performance

Benefit Resources

Anthem Medical Insurance

EAP - Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

Revised Employee Educational Benefits Policy (WWP 4205), as of April 25, 2012


Performance Appraisal Resources

Performance Appraisal Information

Non-Supervisory/Leadership Staff Edition

Supervisory/Leadership Staff Edition

How to accept criticism gracefully

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