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2012/2013 CSAC Committees

CSAC COMMITTEES - Each committee has a chair that convenes meetings as necessary. Committee chair forms the committee of Council members and interested classified staff employees. Size of the committee is determined by committee chair. Committee chair will submit a report to Council at CSAC monthly meetings.

Bylaws & Classified Staff Handbook Lori Luckner Make necessary updates/changes to CSAC bylaws and make recommendations to change/update Classified Staff Handbook.
Campus Environment and Communications Julie Greenup Write/edit CSAC's Grapevine (newsletter).
Fundraising Julie Greenup Promote CSAC and administer fund raising opportunities to provide donations to various scholarship funds within the university.
Green Office Practices Elizabeth Styers Research and discuss green office practices.
Nominations and Elections Jodi Blacklidge Conduct an annual election to select Council members as stated in CSAC Bylaws.
Wages and Benefits Kym Sellers Research and discuss staff concerns and make recommendations.
Webmaster Ty Lea Brewsaugh Update CSAC website as needed.
Welcome, Campus Culture and Professional Development Kym Sellers
Mina Lundy
Developing initiative... more to come!

2012/2013 WSU Committees

WSU COMMITTEES - Represent CSAC at the department/organization's monthly meetings. Our representative will look for opportunities to collaborate with each entity and submit a report to Council at CSAC's monthly meetings.

Athletic Council Suzanne Semones
Earl Thompson
2 representatives
Benefits RFP Committee Suzanne Semones
Kym Sellers
2 representatives
Blackboard to Backboard Earl Thompson 1 representative
Dining Services Advisory Committee Tammy Boatman 1 representative
Dining Services Visioning Committee Jamie Henne 1 representative
Higher Learning Commission Reaccreditation 2015-16 Subcommittee Kym Sellers 1 representative
Parking Services and Traffic Appeals Mina Lundy 1 representative
Performance Appraisal University Committee Kym Sellers
Elizabeth Styers
2 representatives
Print Management RFP Development and Review Committee Lori Luckner 1 representative
Smoking Task Force University Committee Sue Bevan 1 representative
Strategic Planning Committee Elizabeth Styers

1 representative

Sustainability Task Force   1 representative
Transgender Committee Diana Atkins 1 representative
Travel System Implementation Committee Dawn Banker
Suzanne Semones
2 representatives
University Building and Grounds Elizabeth Styers 1 representative
University Diversity Advocacy Council (UDAC) Vickie Slone
Earl Thompson
2 representatives
Wellness Taskforce Suzanne Semones 1 representative
WSU Bookstore Committee Cathy Dalton 1 representative
Xerox Governance Committee Lori Luckner 1 representative

2012/2013 WSU Staff Council

WSU STAFF COUNCIL- CSAC and USAC representatives who meet regularly with WSU Administration.Our representative will look for opportunities to collaborate with each entity and submit a report to Council at CSAC's monthly meetings.

WSU Staff Council

Kym Sellers
Elizabeth Styers
Dawn Banker
Ty Lea Brewsaugh
Suzanne Semones

Meet monthly with representatives of USAC (Unclassified Staff Advisory Council) and the Associate Provost to discuss issues and concerns of our combined constituents.

  • Chair
  • Chair Elect
  • Immediate Past Chair
  • Chair of Wages and Benefits
  • One additional member as assigned by CSAC Chair
(Ohio Staff Council for Higher Education)
Kym Sellers
Elizabeth Styers
Dawn Banker
Representatives will attend quarterly meetings held at member universities. Representatives will meet with other University's and College's staff representatives to exchange information and ideas to promote camaraderie, professionalism and high quality work performance among the member state institutions.
President's Award for Excellence (PAFE) Kym Sellers 1 representative (2 year term)
Review nominations for award and make recommendations to the President. Attend awards ceremony. Meetings will be held in spring and will be held more frequently than monthly.
Staff Council HR Committee Kym Sellers
Elizabeth Styers
Staff Development Day Dawn Banker
Amanda Karper
We Serve U

Non CSAC Members:

  • Joanie Hendricks, Co-Chair, Classified
  • Becky Traxler, Co-Chair, Unclassified

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