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CSAC Mission

The purpose of the Classified Staff Advisory Council is to promote its constituency; review, initiate and make recommendations on appropriate issues, policies, and procedures; foster and facilitate communications among members; and provide opportunities for professional growth.

The recommendations of the Council are submitted to the university President or his designated representative.

Contact the Classified Staff Advisory Council to suggest an issue, concern, or question.


Staff Development Day

Staff Development Day 2014

Staff Development Day is Thursday, August 7, 2014
Student Union, Skylight Lobby, Apollo and Endeavor Rooms
Morning Registration begins at 8:30am

Schedule of events and additional information can be found here.

Please contact Dawn Banker or Amanda Karper.

Classified Staff Advisory council 2014-2015

Photo of CSAC 2014-2015 Representatives


Classified, Unclassified and Lake Campus Staff Open Forum

Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2014
When: 1-3 pm
Where: 156 Student Union

Live streaming will be available approximately 20 minutes before the start of the event, and can be found here.

Guest speakers include:

- Dr. S. Narayanan, University Provost;
- Dr. Mark Polatajko, Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs;
- Dr. Steven Berberich, Associate Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs;
- Mary Ellen Ashley, Vice President of Enrollment Management;
- Shari Mickey-Boggs, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer;
- Hazel Rountree, University Ombudsperson;
- Tom Webb, Director of Disability Services; and
- Peggy Bloom, University Wellness Director.

Questions may be submitted for the guest speakers and/or CSAC, USAC or LSAC here. Questions submitted will remain anonymous and confidential during the Staff Open forum. (If you question is of a personal nature, it will not be address publicly but will be responded to privately by the appropriate individual(s)). Answers to questions will also be posted here after the forum for review.

2014 CSIC Donation- June 4, 2014

Photo of CSAC Representatives giving President Hopkins a $1500 check for the 2014 graduation scholarship fund


Classified Staff Salary Increase

Dear Members of the Classified Staff,

As you are aware, the Classified Staff Compensation Task Force has worked diligently over the last several months to evaluate a new compensation wage structure and to develop a plan to allocate the annual compensation pool and additional approved monies in such a way as to address many long-standing CSAC concerns.

While the Task Force has made progress toward the establishment of a new wage compensation structure, I believe that some additional due diligence needs to be completed before it is implemented.  The extra effort we collectively put forward today will help ensure that we ultimately implement a structure that is consistent with our organizational core values and our commitment to the success of our staff.

My personal commitment to the classified staff is that this review and validation of the wage structure that has been developed will be expedited, and that the results of this action will positively influence the new wage structure that is ultimately implemented.  It is my desire that this review be completed over the next couple of months, but doing it well is more important than doing it fast.

In addition to the development of a new compensation wage structure, the Task Force also came forward with a recommendation to allocate the annual compensation pool and additional approved monies.  After careful consideration, the following will be implemented July 1, 2013:

  • All eligible classified staff will receive:
    • A 2% increase from the annual compensation pool, and
    • A 2% market equity increase from the additional approved monies

Allocating the additional approved monies in this way also provides a small reserve from which further salary adjustments can be made to support the implementation of the new wage structure.

The work of the Task Force represents to me what Wright State is about – working together, thinking creatively and making progress.  It is important that we continue to work together to build a positive work environment where each individual’s contribution can be recognized.


S. Narayanan, Ph.D.


Classified and Unclassified Staff Open Forum

Open Forum 2 hour video - Click on the "News and Information" tab and then on the "USAC CSAC Open Form" presentation.

Date: Tuesday, October 9, 2012
When: 11am - 1pm
Where: 156 Student Union

There will be a Classified and Unclassified Staff Open Forum with Dr. Henry Limouze, Associate Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs. Please mark this date on your calendars and plan to attend. More details will be released closer to the open forum.

If you have a question for the Staff Open Forum prior to October 9, you may submit it anonymously by completing an online form. Submit your question>>


Classified Staff "Compensation 101"

Held: September 24, 2012

Please watch the presentation here. Click on "News and Information" tab, and then "Compensation 101 Classified Staff".

The power point presentation can be found here.


Town Hall Meeting - May 2, 2012

June 12, 2012

To Classified Staff,

It has been about a month since the Staff Town Hall (to view the video - click on "News and Information" then on "USAC & CSAC Town Hall Mtg" here find the PowerPoint presentation here).  Staff Council wants to be sure to keep you updated about the progress we've made since the meeting. We will be providing regular reports, so please keep the comments and questions coming, and stay tuned for further updates.

Staff Council has collated the comments and questions from the Town Hall. We met with Dr. Henry Limouze to discuss the comments and create a plan for responding to the issues you brought forth.

Dr. Limouze has agreed to review the list and identify the issues he has already begun work on or feels can be addressed quickly. He had planned to have this list completed, but his work chairing the search committee for the Vice President for Multicultural Affairs & Community Engagement has delayed completion of his list. Staff Council recognizes the importance of this search as it is integral to the university’s diversity strategy and, by extension, represents progress toward addressing the diversity concerns expressed at the meeting.

In the meantime, Staff Council is reviewing the list of issues to identify core themes or root causes. A number of the issues involve concerns about Human Resources. In light of this fact, we are also reviewing the Huron and internal audit reports recently conducted for HR. At the same time, we are working with Henry, the Provost and HR to assess the effectiveness of the Human Resources Subcommittee that was initially created to address the HR issues identified in the 2008 Staff Survey.

We recognize and share your frustration with many of the issues raised at the Town Hall. We know that frustration has its roots in years of seeing inaction and vague responses to our concerns. However, we urge you, even as we remind ourselves, to be patient. Our frustrations about the past do little to change the very real present circumstances.

HR, in particular, is hard-pressed at the moment due to staffing issues that are both systemic and circumstantial. Personal and family illnesses and key losses to the staff have created enormous pressures to meet the many demands on their time. That many of us have experienced similar personal setbacks and professional demands should encourage our compassion rather than inflame our impatience.

There are tangible positive signs that bode well for future improvement. The administration is supporting Al Boggs’ plan for reorganizing the department to put the staff in a better position to provide effective and timely service. The plan calls for increases to HR staff. While these increases merely reverse some of the losses HR has sustained, they are a positive step toward addressing our concerns.

Similarly, HR has approached Staff Council to take part in a two-pronged benefits initiative. The first step of the initiative is to provide a “Benefits 101” presentation to enhance our understanding of benefits terminology and issues. The second step involves participation in a focus group to help HR determine an appropriate benefits mix. We would like to thank HR for their willingness to work with us.

Staff Council, USAC, and CSAC will be meeting over the summer, so we hope to have more progress to report to you next month. In the meantime, we’re happy to accept your comments, suggestions, and questions.  Contact Kym Sellers at (937) 231.9232 or or any Classified Staff Advisory Council member.

Kym Sellers, CSAC Chair and David Bringhurst, USAC Chair


Special Items

We Serve U

We Serve U

The We Serve U program encourages Wright State staff to provide their time and skills to engage in significant community service opportunities. Giving time, talent, and service betters the lives of our staff, provides a sense of unity within our university, and helps build relationships with those around us.
Learn more »

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