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Raider Open House

[OFFICIAL-L] Planning for the start of Spring Semester

Dear Campus Community,

I hope that everyone had a restful, enjoyable, and safe winter break. 

As we move toward a return to campus on January 11, we must remain aware of the significant impact that COVID-19 is having on our communities, and plan for a campus environment that is safe for those who are able to come to campus.

As such, we are implementing the following procedures to ensure a good start to the semester.

Course delivery:

  • All hybrid courses will start remote for the first two weeks—no in-person option for that timeframe.
  • For any face-to-face courses scheduled to be held on campus, we request that any of those courses that are able to flip to remote for a week or two do so. Those who feel they cannot do that should request an exemption through their deans. If approved, alternative options for students who do not feel safe coming to campus must be provided.

COVID-19 testing:

  • In order to start the semester with on-campus instruction, it is important for students planning to return to campus on January 11 to verify that they are COVID-19 negative.
  • As such, students who plan to come to campus to live in our residence halls or to take in-person classes should expect an email from the university providing them contact information for Vault Medical Services, an off-campus testing solutions provider, on how to obtain and administer an optional at-home test. Students who use this free test should receive information on how to administer a self-test. Those who take the test should do so as soon as possible so results are delivered before the start of classes.
  • Students planning to work on campus or in labs during the first two weeks of Spring Semester will also receive the email about the at-home test.
  • We will resume asymptomatic testing procedures for other high-risk student groups (students doing medical internships, externships, etc.) starting the week of January 11. This will be a continuation of the process piloted this past fall.

Additional notes:

  • Residential students who either stayed on campus during winter break or moved back to campus prior to reviewing this information should request their test kit be sent to their campus address.
  • Asymptomatic faculty or staff who wish to be tested can contact Student Health Services at Wright State Physicians at 937-245-7200 to schedule a test. Symptomatic employees should continue to first contact their primary care physician.

Although the home-testing is not mandatory, we hope that all students contacted will recognize the importance of wide-spread testing in ensuring the safety of everyone on campus and moving us toward a more normalized situation where the safety of everyone is the top priority. This phased return to campus for Spring Semester should provide additional separation from the holidays and allow the regional situation to stabilize. If restrictions beyond the first two weeks of the semester are needed, additional communications will be shared.

Thank you for your continued patience and participation with our campus safety precautions.

Take care,

Douglas W. Leaman, Ph.D.
Interim Provost