Pre-Health Professional Program


photo of students in a lab

More than half of all pre-health students are involved in some form of research. Whether it's through undergraduate research in faculty labs, co-ops or internships off-campus, or through organized summer research programs, students are learning more about subjects that interest them and developing critical thinking skills and curiosity. 

As a pre-health student, you must be able to use logic and reasoning in identifying problems, evaluating strengths and weaknesses to possible solutions, and developing and implementing strategies to solve those problems. Quantitative reasoning, scientific knowledge, and effective communication (both written and oral) are critical in becoming a competent health care provider. 

Getting involved in research is a great way to explore different careers, learn about subject matter in ways you won't learn in the classroom, and build mentoring relationships with faculty and other students. Get started by connecting with your professors or contacting the Health Professions Center to learn about available opportunities.