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First-Year Seminar

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In collaboration with Wright State’s degree-granting colleges, the Division of Student Success provides First-Year Seminars to first-year students who share academic and social interests. 

A First-Year Seminar is a course with approximately 25 students who share similar interests, majors, or classes. Students get to know their First-Year Seminar group really well, allowing them to have a growing network of friends and people they can turn to when they have questions or need help. Many of these seminars are open to all majors.


Goal 1: Connect with Professors

The purpose of this Wright State University First-Year Seminar goal is to: 

  • Develop academic relationships with faculty members.
  • Learn about opportunities to engage in high-impact programs:
    1. Study abroad
    2. Service-learning
    3. Co-ops and internships
    4. Undergraduate research

Goal 2: Achieve Academic Success

The purpose of this Wright State University First-Year Seminar goal: 

  • Information literacy
  • Progress through Core Curriculum goals
  • Learn how to study effectively in groups and individually

Multi-tasking and Your Brain Activity (PDF)

Taking Directions Quiz (PDF)

Goal 3: Confirm Major and Connect with Degree-Granting College

The purpose of this Wright State University First-Year Seminar goal is to: 

  • Understand degree requirements
  • Develop a working relationship with academic advisor & learn how to use resources like uAchieve

Goal 4: Transition and Connect to College

The purpose of this Wright State University First-Year Seminar goal: 

  • Meet new friends
  • Experience diversity
  • Learn key campus resources
  • Participate in campus lectures and events
  • Find a balance between freedom and responsibility
  • Learn the Raider Way:
    1. Civility
    2. Academic integrity
    3. Membership in the Raider community

Team Building Stacking It Up Exercise (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's a First-Year Seminar?

    A First-Year Seminar is:

    • A small group of first-year students in a discussion-based class who share similar interests or majors
    • A course designed to provide personal attention to you as part of a supportive college family
    • An active learning environment intended to help new students learn the campus and make connections quickly
  • How will you benefit from joining a First-Year Seminar?
    • Make friends faster: build a network of friends with classmates you see several times a week
    • Learn about campus programs and services
    • Adjust to college faster
    • Earn a higher GPA than those students who do not participate in First-Year Seminar
    • Lower your stress levels during the first semester in college
  • Who leads the First-Year Seminars?

    Faculty and Peer Mentors are part of an instructional team that help facilitate learning outcomes for the First-Year Seminar.

  • When should you enroll in a First-Year Seminar?

    Wright State's tradition is for all freshmen to enroll in a First-Year Seminar their very first semester/term at Wright State. The First-Year Seminar will make your transition to college smooth and enjoyable, so it will be most beneficial in your first term.

  • What First-Year Seminar are available for you to join?

    Wright State offers many different kinds of First-Year Seminars, based on common academic, vocational, professional, or even sports or recreational interest. 

    View the current list of First-Year Seminars

  • How do you sign up for a First-Year Seminar?
    • When you register for Orientation for fall term, you will fill out a survey that will allow you to indicate your First-Year Seminar first, second, and third preferences.
    • Some sections fill up fast, so select your First-Year Seminar preferences and attend Orientation early. An advisor will add additional classes to complete a full-time schedule when you come to campus for Orientation.
    • If you are beginning classes in Fall, Spring, or Summer Semesters, contact University College at (937) 775-5750 for information on joining a First-Year Seminar.

For more information about First-Year Seminars, contact the First-Year Programs office at 937-775-5780.