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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Response

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COVID-19 is unpredictable, so we will continually evaluate our health and safety protocols and will communicate important updates with you. Please continue to check your Wright State email and visit this site frequently.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 | If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19

At-Home Kits

Free rapid COVID test kits will continue to be made available through the vending machine in the Student Union (located near the Rathskeller and the gamers lounge on the Dayton Campus) and at the Student Services Front Desk at the Lake Campus. Find directions to the Dayton Campus COVID Take-home Test Vending Machine.

Face Masks

The use of masks continues to be an effective method of protection. Surgical masks and KN95s are available at the Student Union Welcome Desk and Dunbar Library on the Dayton Campus and at the main entrance by Student Services, the Library entrance of Andrews Hall, the Agriculture and Water Quality Education Building, and Trenary Hall at the Lake Campus.

We urge all community members to respect the decisions of others and continue to take any necessary personal precautions against COVID-19. If you prefer that visitors to your office or residence hall room wear a face mask, you can print out the following sign to affix to your door: Wear a Face Mask Flyer (PDF)

Current COVID-19 Recommendations

  • Get vaccinated.
  • Get the booster shot(s), when eligible.
  • Wear a face mask:
    • where doing so is required.
    • if recommended by your health care provider or the CDC.
  • Conduct a daily self-assessment; stay home if sick.
  • Wash hands regularly and use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not nearby.
  • Follow all posted guidelines.
  • Keep COVID tests on hand in case you ever need one.
  • If you test positive for COVID, submit a self-report form as soon as possible to expedite contact tracing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the COVID vaccine required? Will I need to show my proof of vaccination?

    All Wright State University employees, including student employees and graduate assistants, must be fully vaccinated and upload an image of their federal vaccination card, or obtain a university-approved medical or religious exemption, by January 4, 2022. University employees can confirm they are fully vaccinated by uploading an image of their federal COVID-19 vaccination card on Med+Proctor, a secure medical third-party website. This reporting process is free. You may disregard any presented options to pay for expedited or additional services on the site.

    While the university strongly encourages non-employee students to get vaccinated and confirm their vaccination through Med+Proctor, the university currently does not require students (other than students who work for the university) to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

  • How does Wright State define “fully vaccinated”?

    An individual is fully vaccinated 14 days after the final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine, including Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and vaccines listed on the WHO Emergency Use Listing. Visit the Vaccines web page for additional information.

  • If I had COVID-19 and have antibodies, am I considered “fully vaccinated”?

    No. Those who have had COVID-19 should still get vaccinated, and do not have to wait 90 days as previously recommended. Vaccines are available through Wright State Physicians. Call 937-245-7200 to make an appointment. Information about other vaccine providers in Ohio is available at

    If you have recently tested positive for COVID, submit a self-report form as soon as possible to expedite contact tracing efforts.

  • What if I am unable to wear a face mask?

    Individuals with a medical condition or disability that prevents them from safely wearing a face mask may seek a reasonable accommodation. Please email for information on how to request a face covering exemption/alternative based on your disability.

  • Where can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

    Vaccines are available through Wright State Physicians. Call or text 937-245-7200 to make an appointment.

    Lake Campus community members can contact the Mercer County Health District at 419-586-3251 for information on where to get the vaccine near Lake Campus.

    You can find additional vaccine providers throughout in Ohio at

  • Are on-campus events permitted?

    Yes. All student event registration and space booking procedures have returned to pre-COVID status:

    Student Union, Classrooms, Outdoor Spaces in Campus Core
    Event Services and Youth Programs

    Wright State Nutter Center: Arena, McLin Gym, and Parking Lots
    Sean Robinson

    Wright State Nutter Center: Berry Room
    Sean Robinson

    Athletic Fields
    Includes Nischwitz Stadium, Softball Stadium, and Rinzler Student Sports Complex
    Chris Bethel

    Lake Campus
    Casey Dues

  • Do I still need to complete a return-to-campus acknowledgment form?

    As the campus has fully reopened without restrictions for those who are fully vaccinated, the form is no longer necessary and has been removed from the website.

  • Students and parents: Who do I contact for additional information?
    • General questions: Call or text Student Advocacy and Wellness with general questions at 937-260-0167.
    • Campus health and safety: Contact Environmental Health & Safety at 937-775-4444 or email
    • Housing and roommate questions: Call Residence Life and Housing at 937-775-4172 or email
    • Campus services: Contact the relevant department. You can find contact information in the directory.
  • Employees: Who do I contact for additional information?

    Contact your supervisor. You can also contact Environmental Health & Safety at 937-775-4444 or email