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Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting

October 18, 2010


I. The meeting was called to order at 2:35 p.m.

Voting members and alternates present were: G. Alter, J. Blair, L. Caron, E. Choudhury, D. Cipollini, D. Curry, R. Dodge, K. Engisch, A. Goshtasby, R. Grandhi, B. Gray, L. Hong, A. Hsu (Chair), J. Lieh, M. Mamrack, D. Petkie, L. Ream, D. Roby, C. Ryan, J. Runkle, E. Self, C. Taylor, J. Tipps, L. VandeCreek, P. Vermeersch, S. Watamaniuk, R. Williams, E. Wolf

Non-voting alternates and other attendees were: B. Ayres, J. Bantle, C. Brun, L. Douglas, S. Foster, E. Gilles (Scribe), D. Johnson, J. Petrick, E. Reinsch-Friese, C. Sulentic, T. Tarpey

II. Welcome and Introduction (A. Hsu)

Dr. Hsu introduced himself as the new Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. R. William “Bill” Ayres as the new Assistant Dean, Erika Gilles as the new Administrative Coordinator for the Dean, and Lisa Douglas as the student representative and co-chair of the Dean’s Student Advisory Board. The 2010-11 chairs of the subcommittees were also recognized: Dr. Carl Brun, Student Affairs Committee; Dr. Larry Ream, Policies Committee; and Dr. Joseph Petrick, Membership Committee. Dr. Jack Bantle, Vice President of Research and Sponsored Programs, was also in attendance.

III. Approval of Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the April 26, 2010 meeting be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously.

IV. Report of the Dean (A. Hsu)

Dr. Hsu stated that the existing practices and schedules for Graduate Council will remain the same for this academic year. Future Graduate Council meetings will take place on Feb. 28 and April 18, 2011. The dates for the Graduate Open Houses were also announced: Nov. 3, 2010 and March 9, 2011.

Enrollment Goals: 3,593 students are enrolled Fall quarter 2010, not including the 535 students in the Schools of Medicine and Professional Psychology. Last year, there were 3,609 students enrolled (difference of 0.4%).
A couple of items to note:
* The Lake Campus’ enrollment was down by 36 students (30%) for Fall 2010 – Why? A trip to the Lake Campus is scheduled for Dr. Hsu and Dr. Ayres.
* High Enrollment in 2009 – Was this a response to the economy?
* A realistic goal for enrollment is a yearly increase of 1.5%, with projected numbers of 3604 in 2011, 3652 in 2012, and 3700 in 2013.

Degree Completion: 95.6% in 2009-10, up from 91.2% in 2008-09. Last year, WSU was ranked 13 out of 13 Ohio universities. This year, we are 9 out of 13.

Student Funding: This year, the School of Graduate Studies is supporting 12 Graduate Council Scholars, 2 Fulbright Scholars, 529 Graduate Assistants (up 4 from previous year), and 163 Graduate Tuition Scholarships (up 46 from last year)

2010-2011 Goals for the School of Graduate Studies (SoGS)
1. Strategic Planning – A committee has been formed and is completing an initial survey. Based upon their responses, a second survey will be drafted that will be sent to all graduate faculty and other constituencies.
2. Structure of Graduate Council - Earlier this year, the Faculty Senate voted to form a Graduate Curriculum Committee. The Provost has charged Dr. Hsu to work with the Faculty Senate to restructure the Graduate Council to negate the need for a separate Graduate Curriculum Committee. A revised Faculty Constitution is under discussion.
3. Streamline and Balance SoGS Budget
4. Study Resources Allocation
5. Recruitment – improve collaboration and coordination between SoGS and programs. Retention and Course Completion – improve dialogue with programs, currently losing 20% of students
6. Improve Efficiency – identify inefficient practices; review/reform the services that SoGS’s provide to better reflect program needs; initiate auto-admission
7. New Program and Partnership Development
8. Update Policies and Procedures

V. Committee Reports

* Policies Committee (L. Ream)

The Policies Committee met twice to consider two items which do not require a vote at this time by Graduate Council and are brought forward as information only: recommendation that a revised draft of the Graduate Council section of the Faculty Constitution be presented to the Quadrennial Review Committee and approval of revised Graduate School policies concerning transfer credits and BS/MS combined 5 year programs.

Dr. Hsu’s comments:
* Graduate Council section of the Faculty Constitution – the Faculty Senate had two concerns about the existing structure of Graduate Council. The first concern is that the Graduate Council consists of too many administrators and does not have enough elected faculty representation, especially if the Graduate Council is voting on curriculum changes. Their second concern is the lack of communication between Grad Council and Faculty Senate.

* WSU Polices (transfer credits and BS/MS combined 5 year programs) – These policies were updated for WSU to be competitive with neighboring institutions. In short, the School of Graduate Studies will allow up to 50% of transfer credits from appropriately accredited institutions (this change is needed for us to stay competitive with U of Cincinnati, individual programs can required stricter policies). Development of BS/MS combined programs is attractive to current WSU students, and promotes collaboration with neighboring schools and international universities.

The Policies Committee also reviewed two Program Development Plans: MS in Cyber Security and Master of Arts in Social Work. Dr. Larry Ream reported that the MS in Cyber Security PDP is a joint effort between academia and government and is being led by Dr. Vikram Sethi. Dr. Ream stated that the PDP has strong support from the Policies Committee but, for the second time (May 2010 and Oct. 2010), it has been tabled due to the need for further clarification and revision.

The Master of Arts in Social Work is a collaboration between Wright State and Miami University. Again, this PDP has the support of the Policies Committee, however, clarification of the sharing of faculty, course location, and degree awarding needs to be included.

Dr. Carl Brun took a few minutes to address these concerns:

Currently, the MSW offered at WSU is awarded by Ohio State. The Ohio State University has been helping Wright State develop our faculty and courses as part of a 5 year MoU. This five year commitment is coming to an end. In regards to sharing of faculty, it will be a 50/50 collaboration with teaching and there will be a co-director at each campus. Courses will be offered in multiple ways: distance learning by video, faculty traveling to teach at one campus one week and then the other the next week, courses offered at the Voice of America campus that is located midway between WSU and MU. Both universities would be named on the diploma.

Dr. Ream moved to approve the Master of Arts in Social Work PDP. The motion was seconded.

Discussion revealed reluctance of the Graduate Council members to vote for the PDP because they did not have the opportunity to review the document before the meeting. The motion to approve the PDP was withdrawn.

It was suggested that the Master of Arts in Social Work PDP be tabled until the next meeting; however, Dr. Brun urged a quicker decision for the PDP. Miami University is voting on the PDP this semester. The program is scheduled to begin Fall 2012 if approved. An additional Graduate Council meeting was suggested and agreed upon. The approval of the Program Development Plan for the Master of Arts in Social Work will be on the agenda and will be emailed to all Graduate Council members before the meeting.

* Membership Committee (J. Petrick)

The Membership Committee recommended fifteen (15) new nominees who met the standards for full graduate faculty status and six (6) who met the standards for adjunct full graduate faculty membership.

The full graduate faculty nominees are:

David Booth Music / COLA
Christopher Chaffee Music / COLA
Keke Chen Computer Science & Engineering / CECS
Brenda Ellis Music / COLA
M. Suzanne Franco Educational Leadership / CEHS
Grant Hambright Educational Leadership / CEHS
Andrea Hoffman Pharm&Tox and Orthopaedic Surgery / BSOM
Shelley Jagow Music / COLA
Bruce LaForse Classics / COLA
Myron Levine Urban Affairs / COLA
Michael Markey Biochemistry & Molecular Biology / BSOM
Kathryn Meyer History / COLA
Valerie Stoker Religion / COLA
James Tomlin Teacher Education / CEHS
Kimberly Warrick Music / COLA

The following nominees are recommended to the Graduate Council for adjunct full graduate faculty membership:

Jacob Campbell Electrical Engineering / CECS
Vasu Chakravarthy Electrical Engineering / CECS
Kristina Langer Mechanical Engineering / CECS
Kevin Omland Environmental Sciences PhD / COSM
Guillermo Paniagua Mechanical Engineering / CECS
Ajit Roy Materials Engineering / CECS

It was moved and seconded that the nominees for both full and adjunct full graduate faculty status be approved; the motion passed unanimously.

* Student Affairs (C. Brun)

Carl Brun recognized the 2010-2011 Student Affairs Committee members. He also announced the recipients of the 2010-2011 Graduate Council Scholarships: Carla Benton (CECS), Tim Crory (CoSM), Brad Custer (CEHS), Laura Henrikson (CEHS), Brianne Kelly (CoSM), Zachary Little (CoSM), Kevin Locker (RSCoB), Benjamin McDonie (CECS), Elizabeth Peyton (CoSM), Clayton Rothwell (CoSM), Ben Schmitt (CECS), and Valerie Schoepfer (CoSM).

A revised Graduate Council Scholarship procedure begins this year to include having two application deadlines rather than one. A request for nominations for 2011 Graduate Council Scholars will go out in December with a February 15 deadline. The decision to award approximately 4 new scholarships will be made by the full Student Affairs Committee in February (rather than just the Dean and Committee Chair). A second request for nominations may not occur if the scholarships are all awarded at the February committee meeting. Colleges are encouraged to submit their nominations from the students who are applying to all of their graduate programs. Complete packets with reference letters are required.

Dr. Brun requested that members remind program directors to submit nominees for the Alumni Graduate Awards. Nominations for the School of Graduate Studies are due by November 15.

Dr. Brun met with Dr. Hsu about proposed charges of the Student Affairs Committee under the proposed changes to the faculty constitution. One new responsibility is to mentor the Graduate Student organization and review student petitions.

VI. Research Report (E. Reinsch-Friese)

* External funding received FY09-10 totaled $94,111,241 (610 awards) compared to FY08-09 which totaled $74,373,725 (593 awards).
* A comparison of the cumulative grant and contract awards for the previous three fiscal years was reviewed. To note, FY10 awards include Federal Stimulus funding of State Share of Instructional (SSI) distribution. Awards through 6/30/10: $12,987,949. SSI funding is not normally included in RSP figures and will be eliminated when the Stimulus program ends.
* Awards by Major Funding Source FY10: Federal Agencies 47.7%, State Agencies 31.1%, Educational Institutions 7.8%, Industry/Business 6.4%, Non-Profits 5.6%, Other Government agencies 1.1%, and Foreign Sponsors 0.2%.
* Awards by Campus Area: BSoM 36.7%, Student Services/U-wide/Library 24.0%, VPRG 13.4%, CECS 12.3%, CoSM 8.1%, CEHS 1.6%, SOPP 1.1%, CoNH 1%, CoLA 1%, Lake 0.8%, RSCoB 0.1%.
* Awards by Type of Activity FY10 (in millions): Research $35, Student Aid $22, Institutional $16, Public Service $12, Instruction $8.
* A RSP 2010 Orientation will be held on Wed, Oct. 27, 2010, 8:30-11:45 a.m., E156 SU. Topics include: internal and external funding opportunities, pre-award and post-award services, institutional compliance, technology transfer and development, and seed funding (BSoM).

VII. Old Business

No old business was brought forward.

VIII. New Business

No new business was brought forward. However, discussion returned to an agenda item from earlier in the meeting - the revisions to the Faculty Constitution. Dr. Hsu provided some additional information: both the Quadrennial Review Committee and the Policies Committee have had the opportunity to review and make suggestions. The version that was emailed with today’s agenda is the most recent. The next step is to meet with the Quadrennial Review Committee again. If that committee approves the current version, then it will be presented to Faculty Senate, then the Provost, then the Board of Trustees.

Suggestions were made for the need of formatting in section A.3 Membership and to provide specifics about the election process for members. Dr. Hsu invited any additional suggestions and/or concerns to be emailed to him with a copy to Dr. Ream.

IX. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.