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Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting November 19, 2015

November 19, 2015


I. The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m.

Voting members and alternates present were: S. Baird, M. Bashaw, J. Bergdahl, T. Brewer, K. Duffy, M. Fleming, A. Froehle, J. Gallagher, S. Heilmann, A. Jeyaraj, J. McAlearney, M. Markey, J. Menart, M. Miller, B. Milligan, S. Watamaniuk, J. Warfield, L. Weinstein, and B. Young.

Non-voting members, alternates and other attendees were: J. Allen, K.T. Arasu, R. Ayres (chair), V. Bellamkonda, M. Brainerd, T. Broderick, H. Dregalla, R. Fyffe, E. Gilles (scribe), M. Mamrack, S. Shellabarger, and A. Steele-Middleton.

II. Approval of Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the October 29, 2015 meeting be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously.

III. Report of the Dean (R. Fyffe)

Dr. Fyffe presented a brief research report:

  • The comparison of FY16 cumulative grant and contract awards with the previous three fiscal years through October shows an increase for this year over FY15 and FY14. (FY16: $40 million, FY15: $25.5 million, FY14: $35.8 million)
  • The comparison of awards by type of activity Oct. 2015 vs. Oct. 2014: the number of research awards are nearly the same, but the research award amount is up $2 million this year; Public Service awards, although smaller in number of awards this year, were much greater in dollar amount (up $11 million, in large part to the $7 million OEA grant award); the overall number of awards (for all activities) are nearly identical, but the number of proposals increased significantly (207 proposals in 2015 vs. 174 in 2014). This trend for an increase in proposals is encouraging, particularly in light of the hoped-for impact of the research incentive program established last academic year that rewards faculty for submitting proposals to major funding agencies. To date, approximately 85-90 incentive awards have been given to faculty (~$50,000).
  • The four year comparison of awards by type of activity through October was also reviewed.

IV. Report of the Associate Dean (R. Ayres)

Dr. Ayres expressed thanks on behalf of the Graduate School for all the faculty participation at last week’s Graduate Open House. Over 300 prospective students attended, and 245 applications were submitted. This is a substantial increase over last year. The graduate admissions staff is processing the applications, with Spring 2016 applications receiving first priority.

Dr. Ayres presented a Fall 2015 enrollment report:

  • The first comparison shows domestic, international, and total graduate student enrollment for each college. Of note, CECS has the highest international enrollment as well as overall enrollment.
  • The second comparison shows enrollment growth for each college in domestic, international, and total graduate students. BSoM experienced a high percentage of growth this year, and CECS and RSCoB had some positive growth too. Important to note, this graph demonstrates that all enrollment growth occurred in the international student population; domestic enrollment was flat. This results in an overall growth close to 5%, but is this sustainable? Other universities that are similar in size and in research activity to Wright State are experiencing similar enrollment trends.
  • Dr. Ayres can provide 6-year data (Fall 2010-Fall 2015) for individual graduate programs upon request.

V. Committee Reports

a. Student Affairs Committee (S. Heilmann)

Dr. Heilmann reported that the committee has not met yet, but will be meeting in early December to consider nominations for the Graduate School Outstanding Alumni Award.

b. Membership Committee (K. Duffy)

Since the last Graduate Council meeting, a total of 5 graduate faculty memberships were approved. The Graduate School Dean approved 2 regular and 1 adjunct memberships. The Membership Committee reviewed and approved 2 applications for adjunct graduate faculty memberships.

Good practice: The letter of support that routinely is included with the graduate faculty nominations has been very helpful to both the Graduate School and the Membership Committee.

c. Policies Committee (B. Milligan) No report. The Policies Committee did not meet.

d. Curriculum Committee A (J. McAlearney)

On behalf of the Curriculum Committee A, J. McAlearney moved to approve the following new course requests: CS 6100, CS 7910, EE 6800L, EE 8000L, ISM 8000, ISM 8010, ISM 8100, ISM 8200, ISM 8300, ISM 8400, ISM 8500, ME 6180, ME 6190, ME 7200, and NUR 7732. No discussion. R. Ayres called for a vote. All in favor. Motion passed.

On behalf of the Curriculum Committee A, J. McAlearney moved to approve the following course modifications: CEG 7950, CEG 8950, CS 5300, CS 7950, CS 8950, EE 6560, NUR 6902, and NUR 8101. No discussion. R. Ayres called for a vote. All in favor. Motion passed.

On behalf of the Curriculum Committee A, J. McAlearney moved to approve the following programs of study: 1. Cyber Security Analytics Certificate (modification) 2. M.S. Cyber Security – project option (modification) 3. M.S. Cyber Security – thesis option (new) No discussion. R. Ayres called for a vote. All in favor. Motion passed.

e. Curriculum Committee B (A. Jeyaraj)

On behalf of the Curriculum Committee B, A. Jeyaraj moved to approve the following new course requests: AFS 6040, DOS 9090, DOS 9980, DOS 9990, LDR 7500, PLS 6871. No discussion. R. Ayres called for a vote. All in favor. Motion passed.

Recommended practice: When course requests (new and modifications) are entered into the curriculum workflow, it is best to monitor the progress through the multiple approval levels and send reminders as needed. The process can be lengthy; please keep that in mind and plan ahead.

VI. Graduate Student Assembly Report – No report.

VII. Old Business – None.

VIII. New Business – None.

IX. Discussion/Announcements – None.

X. The meeting was adjourned at 2:32 p.m.

Future meeting dates:
Feb. 18, 2016, 2:00 p.m., E156 SU
March 24, 2016, 2:00 p.m., E156 SU
April 21, 2016, 2:00 p.m., E163 SU