Campus Life

photo of a graduate studentGraduate students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of graduate student organizations, student governance, intramural sports, and professional development activities. 

In particular, the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) is the multidisciplinary graduate student organization on campus dedicated to promoting and supporting research and professional development for graduate students at Wright State.

In addition, Wright State boasts 15 NCAA Division I men's and women's athletic teams with students receiving free admission to each event.

Graduate School Student Services

The Graduate School is a customer-oriented center for all persons interested in graduate study at Wright State University, as well as for current graduate students.  As you continue your academic career with us, we hope the links provided on this page will lead you to information that will assist you.

In addition, we hope that you will continue to keep close contact with your academic advisor, program director and the Graduate School in order to ensure that your educational journey goes smoothly.


If you really want to know what’s going on at Wright State, you have to live here!

By living on campus at Wright State you become a part of the Raider community and get to know other students from all walks of life.

At Wright State, living on campus is all about options.

Adult students can choose from our featured apartment communities: College Park and The Village.

Ready to live on campus? Apply for housing once you have been admitted. 

Campus Life News

Oct 22, 2012
The president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association paid a visit to Wright State, applauding the academic performance of Wright S
Oct 22, 2012
Journalist/writer David Barsamian, founder and director of Alternative Radio, will speak at Wright State as part of the university’s Peace
Oct 22, 2012
Flu season is upon us and it’s time to fight back.
Oct 19, 2012

Wright State students gathered at the Wingerd Service Dog Park on campus Friday, October 19, to remember friend and fellow accessibility advocate Samantha Laux...

Oct 19, 2012
Ahmed Obeidat – who obtained his M.D. at The Jordan University of Science and Technology – is pursuing his Ph.D. at Wright State University in neurophysiology and is among the research stars...
Oct 19, 2012
The Man of Steel, the Metropolis Marvel, the Last Son of Krypton.
Oct 18, 2012

High school and college students from schools all over Ohio will visit Wright State to sharpen their bilingualism in coming weeks.

Oct 17, 2012
Wright State filmmakers Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar’s latest endeavor, Reinvention Stories, is one of six projects selected for the Sun
Oct 15, 2012
The week was filled with fun activities for Raiders of all ages.
Oct 15, 2012
The Sixth Annual Chili Cook-Off brought joy to the stomachs of many Raiders.