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Final Wright Venture Presentations

Wednesday, April 10
2 to 4 p.m.

160 Rike Hall

What is Wright Venture?Wright Venture Logo

  • Entrepreneurial opportunity modeled after ABC TV’s Shark Tank reality competition 
  • Features aspiring Wright State entrepreneurs making business presentations (late March/early April 2024) to a panel of industry experts (“Wolves”) 
  • Creates real-life, lasting experience similar to an actual business startup
  • Valuable workshops in entrepreneurial Business Planning, Marketing, Finance, and Operations (Jan./Feb. 2024) 
  • Offers opportunities for networking, mentorship, idea development, product design, service creation, and more 
  • All are offered free by Wright State faculty, staff, and local and regional sponsors

Make it to the final competition for a chance to earn a $5,000 investment in your business!

Want to see what previous Wright Venture competitions were like? Check out the archives linked in the menu to see winners, learning sessions, and other information.

Entrepreneurial Workshops

Attend our Entrepreneurial Workshops in January and February to learn more about small business planning, finance, operations, and marketing, in preparation for our Wright Venture presentations.

Complete all the workshops to be eligible for a $400 student account credit (for books/tuition)! One winner will be chosen randomly.

2024 Workshop Dates Topic Location
Friday, January 26 at 3 p.m. Finance 158 Rike Hall
Thursday, February 1 at 4 p.m. Marketing 158 Rike Hall
Thursday, February 8 at 4 p.m. Operations 158 Rike Hall
Friday, February 16 at 3 p.m. Business Planning 158 Rike Hall

Why You Should Enter the Competition

Entering the Wright Venture competition has a number of benefits, including:

  • Gain valuable advice and consulting from entrepreneurial professionals
  • Get experience presenting your ideas and helpful feedback from our Wright Venture "wolves"
  • Earn a $5,000 investment in your business

Program Goals

  • Provides a forum for you to experience real-world business collaboration and help you towards a successful business launch.
  • Allows you the creative freedom and use of tools, organizations, and technologies to shape your idea and bring it into reality.
  • Requires you to prove your business idea is viable with a presentation (pitch deck”) that includes main elements of a new venture business plan (e.g., marketing, finance, operations, etc.)
  • Allows you to collaborate with local entrepreneurs and mentors within the business community and Wright State faculty and staff.
  • Expose you to the entrepreneurial experience and the critical thinking, creative decision-making, and life- changing scenarios of the business start-up process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m afraid someone will steal my idea. Are there any assurances this will not happen? Are non-disclosure agreements in place?

    Most judges are business development professionals, and typically do not sign non-disclosure agreements. Their interaction with multiple businesses and potential entrepreneurs with many business plans minimizes the possibility of receiving truly unique ideas. In order to protect themselves from any possible misunderstandings, non-disclosure agreements are not signed so the judges are not limited in continuing their work with other businesses in the future.

    You will also present your idea to a group of your peers in the final pitch and you may be working in close proximity to other teams and students throughout the development process. For this reason, it is the sole responsibility of each team to make every effort to protect their intellectual property.

    This competition offers a great opportunity for you to receive valuable insight and advice regarding your idea. However, if you are still not comfortable presenting your idea in the format of the competition, you may want to reconsider entering.

  • How do I learn about the main elements of a business plan? I've never done this before.

    The Raj Soin College of Business will conduct the pre-submission training and provide ongoing assistance to all teams who enter the competition.

  • I have invested $3,000 to start my business already. Can I still use this business idea?

    Yes, you can submit a self-funded business if it is less than two years old and have not earned gross revenues of $50,000 or more. Owner investment does not count toward the revenue cap.

  • If I receive an award, do I have to invest it in my business?

    The start-up funding award will be distributed based on the funding request within the business plan. Successful execution of the business plan must occur before subsequent rounds of funding will be distributed. Successful repayment of start-up funds is expected before any distribution of profits takes place to team members.

  • Can I enter more than one idea?

    Multiple ideas are welcome, but complete separate applications, submissions, and team selections must be made for each idea.

For more information about the Wright Venture program, email us at rscob-admin@wright.edu.


Funding for the Wright Venture program was generously provided by the James Investment Group, City of Fairborn, and Scene75. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Jennifer Ruhl for more information.