East Central Writing Centers Association (ECWCA) 2024


Conference Schedule

The conference schedule is now available.

Keynote Presentation

ChatGPT is changing the landscape for writers and students across the globe, including how student writers resource ideas and how faculty assess student learning, course design, and purposeful, authentic assignments. This begs many questions:

  • Will ChatGPT replace writing tutors and consultants?
  • How can ChatGPT be used as a tool for student writers?
  • What do writing centers need to know about ChatGPT?

Join a panel of perspectives from Wright State University and Sinclair Community College for a robust discussion related to everything ChatGPT and what our roles and responsibilities as writing center professionals are to the students we serve and the faculty we support.


  • Alan Knowles, M.A.–Instructor, Technical and Professional Writing, English Department, Wright State University
  • Wright State Student–TBA
  • Adam Haroff–Instructional Technologist, Learning Technologies Dept., Sinclair Community College
  • Andrew Walsh–Instruction & Assessment Librarian, Sinclair Community College