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Fall 2020 Update: Wright State University’s Dayton and Lake Campuses plan to return to teaching for 2020 Fall Semester on August 24 with a dynamic and flexible mixture of in-person and remote courses. Read more about our Right Here. Wright State. This Fall. plan.

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An open letter to the campus community:

Over the past few weeks, recent incidents involving serious sexual misconduct and hate crimes against the LGBTQ community have shaken our nation. We want to take the time to express our deepest condolences to all of those affected by these unimaginable events and reaffirm our office’s commitment to making our campus community a safe and non-discriminatory environment for our members to thrive.

Recently, you may have learned that a Wright State University community member pledged support for the Stanford University student and Oakwood resident who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. We want to make clear that the expressions and opinions of certain community members do not represent the entire Wright State University community in general. We want to make it clear that our office stands in support of the victim of this horrible assault. We are sickened by the events that led to this incident and are even more disgusted with the outcome rendered by the judicial system.

In response to the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, our hearts break at the thought of such intolerance. This incident, coupled with the recent passage of anti-LGBTQ legislation, serve as examples that there are people and spaces that are unaccepting of different values, preferences and ideologies. Please know that our office is not a part of this population. We are an office that stands in solidarity with the LGBTQ community. We support marriage equality and the rights of transgender individuals to use any restroom they wish. We support the right of LGBTQ people to human dignity and a life free from violence, sexual or otherwise.

Our office takes these recent events seriously and want to make it clear that there are people at Wright State who believe this world was made for everyone. Our office is taking concrete steps to help ensure that Wright State University continues to be at the forefront of advancing and sustaining a safe and non-discriminatory environment for all individuals within our community. With trainings such as bystander intervention and Safe Space, to policy and procedure reviews, our office is working to implement best practices to ensure that these cases are handled fairly and impartially, and that our community members feel supported and included. Our office will not tolerate such hate and misconduct and we will continue to be allies and advocates for these rights throughout our campus community.

These were horrible incidents, and we understand the anger and deep emotional reactions they have generated. There is still much work to be done, not just at Wright State University, but everywhere, to create a culture that does not tolerate sexual violence and discrimination in any form and a judicial system that deals appropriately with these cases. We have and will continue to support those individuals who find themselves in these horrific situations. We see you. We stand with you.

In Solidarity,
The Office of Equity and Inclusion